LCL / QBO Procedures


Welcome to the LCL/QBO Procedures section of the California Nevada Moose Association (CNMA) website.  This area of the website is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Lodge, Chapter, Legion (LCL Web) software, the QuickBooks Online (QBO) software and its use to all Moose fraternal units.  There are also miscellaneous procedures that users should find helpful in the daily operations of their fraternal units.  The page also includes links to Moose International procedures that are vital to the success of all fraternal units.


Updates and additional items will be provided based on changes to the software or based on input received from users.  Each procedure has a date in the lower right-hand corner of the procedure so that users can ensure that they have the most up-to-date procedure available for use in the daily operations of their fraternal unit.  The procedures have been put into sections in order to identify their primary use by a particular unit, the software (LCL Web versus QBO), or another relevant topic.


The Latest Updates section of the website lists the latest changes made to the website by date.  Selecting an item in the list takes you to its location within the site.


Moose Technical Trainers are listed on the CNMA Trainers submenu to assist you in locating a trainer within a reasonable distant to your fraternal unit.  They are there to assist you with individual one-on-one training on either LCL Web or QBO so please feel free to contact them for assistance.  Since 2 Section Hands on Technical Training is currently not available having someone to contact is important.  With the implementation of updated training on specific Technical Trainers can provide needed assistance so please contact me if you are having any issues or concerns or contact Chapter Advocate Cindy Raslavsky by clicking on her name which will take you to the contacts page of this website.


Our goal is to provide as much help as possible for LCL Web and QBO, and other computer related topics so if you think of anything you would like to see added or updated please feel free to contact me using the information provided above.


We hope you find this section of the website useful!

Cheryl D Volden

CNMA Training Coordinator

(805) 338-1305

LCL Web Procedures

Categories/Activities (7-19-22)

Committee Lists (3-2-07)

Create An Applicant Report (7-23-08)

Creating & Printing Labels (2-21)

Deceased Members (3-10-15)

Deleting An Applicant (4-1-08)

Dues Increase (4-21-09)

How to Print Labels

LCL Web Reference Guide – Chapter

LCL Web Reference Guide – Lodge

LCL Web Reference Guide – Moose Legion

Newsletter Procedure (2-14-08)

Printing A Dropped List

Printing An Active List (10-6-21)

Printing an Expired List (7-19-22)

Reinstate A Member (8-10-08)

Status Code Definitions (6-24-21)

Transfer A Member (8-10-08)

Using The Export Feature In LCL Web (7-19-22)

Moose Procedures

Board Of Officers Meeting Minutes

Checklist To Purchase Property (MI Link)

Continuous Accident Prevention Booklet

Dispensation For Community Service, Charitable & Fundraising Events With Alcohol (MI Link)

Dispensation For Lodge/chapter Fundraising Events Open To The Public (No Alcohol) (MI Link)

Felony Dispensation Notification (Member)

Felony Dispensation Notification (Applicant)

Financial Review Monthly Form (Excel Version)

Financial Review Monthly Form (Adobe Version)

Financial Review Semi-Annual Form (Excel Version)

Financial Review Semi-Annual Form (Adobe Version)

General Laws

General Lease Agreement

Generic Notice To Appear Before Board

Generic Special Meeting Notice (MI Link)

Hall Rental Insurance (Link To K&k Website)

Insurance Reference Manual (MI Link)

Lodge Board Meeting Agenda

Lodge Chart Of Accounts (12-6-11)

Lodge General Membership Meeting Agenda

Lodge Election Handbook

Lodge Election Forms (MI Link)

Lodge Installation Of Officers

Lodge Important Dates & Deadlines (MI Link)

Lodge Item Listing (11-23-11)

Lodge Meeting Minutes

Lodge Safety Committee Best Practices Guide

Lodge Sexual Harassment/Respectful Environment PowerPoint

Music Licensing Information

Officers’ & Committeemen’s Handbook

Parking Lot Lease Agreement

Printing Labels From LCL Web

Proper Use – SQ Incident Report Log

Registered Agents, Litigation And The Moose (MI Link)

Resolution To Organize A WOTM Chapter (MI Link)

Service Dog Waiver Agreement

Special Meeting Minutes

Special Meeting Notice (MI Link)

Special Meeting Notice To Amend Lodge By-laws

Special Meeting Notice To Dissolve & Forfeit Charter (MI Link)

Special Meeting Notice To Merge (MI Link)

Special Meeting Notice To Obtain Loan (MI Link)

Special Meeting Notice To Purchase Property (MI Link)

Special Meeting Notice To Sell Property (MI Link)

Special Meeting Notice To Retain Charter (MI Link)

Special Meeting Notice Multiple Choice (MI Link)

Tax Exempt Organization Information (MI Link)

The Private Policy (MI Link)

Universal Resolution/dispensation Request Form (MI Link)

Use Of Social Quarters Incident Report Log Book (MI Link)

Volunteer Agreement/Waiver