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The International Youth Awareness (YA) Congress was held in Orlando, FL. The California Nevada Moose Association (CNMA) sent four students, two sponsored by Sunnyvale, one sponsored by Buena Park Veterans and one sponsored by El Monte Chapter.  I would like to thank all of the Lodges, Chapters, Moose Legions, and Moose Riders who sponsored students.


I am proud to announce that we did have a winner!! Karina Haddad, sponsored by Sunnyvale Lodge, brough home 3rd place and a $5,000 scholarship!  Karina was 5th place last year!  All of our students had a great time!!  The sad news is that 3 of our 4 finalists are seniors and will be graduating soon.  We will miss them, but wish them well in all of their future endeavors.

In the past 3 years, six of our students have brought home a scholarship!  California students have earned a total of $35,000 in scholarships.  That’s a lot of money in three years!  Our students could not have achieved this without your support of the Youth Awareness Program!!  We all thank YOU!!!


We will be presenting our finalists with their $500 checks from the CA/NV Moose Riders!  A huge thank you to our Moose Riders who have done such a great job supporting our program!  The students in the South will be presented with their checks at the District Picnic on Saturday, June 4th, at 11:00 am at the Kiwanis Land in Garden Grove.


The students in the North will be presented with their checks at the District Meeting on Saturday, June 11th, at 1:00 pm at the San Jose Moose Lodge. If you are in the area of either of these locations, stop by and congratulate our students and hear them share a little about their experience at the International YA Congress.


Youth Awareness Congresses will start again in August.  If you would like more information regarding the Youth Awareness Program, holding a YA Congress or helping on the YA committee, please contact me.


Thank you for all you do for our kids!!


Fraternally Yours,

Bridget Robinson

CA/NV Youth Awareness Chairman

(714) 394-4910

YA Chairman Bridget Robinson, CA North Finalist Nathan Cheng, YA Coordinator Kathy Childs, CA North Finalist Karina Haddad and YA Coordinator Lynn McDonald

CA South Finalists Dennis Rojas, Jenisa Medina, Ellie Nguyen and YA Chairman Bridget Robinson

CA South Finalists Jenisa Medina and Ellie Nguyen

CA North Finalists Nathan Cheng and Karina Haddad

Youth Awareness Contacts

Fred Reichelt 510-507-4654
Lynda (Lynn) McDonald 916-852-8628
Kathy Childs


Bridget Robinson 714-394-4910