Youth Awareness

We are reaching out to all high school students to apply for the Youth Awareness Scholarship Program!! Five (5) scholarships, totaling $30,000, are awarded every year! Thank you to the Moose Legion who financially supported this program!


While our high school students are enjoying their summer, the coordinators have the challenging task of reaching out to students, updating paperwork, and getting Youth Awareness (YA) Congresses set up. It sounds easy, but it is incredibly challenging. With our recent run of seven scholarship winners, the word is getting out and we do have some students looking for us, which is wonderful!!


If you know of a student who is interested in attending the YA Congress (which is required to participate in this program) or would like more information, please have them reach out to one of our YA Coordinators.


Currently we have the following YA Congresses set up in the south at Buena Park Lodge-September 9th, Garden Grove Lodge-September 23rd, and Escondido Lodge-October 14th. Contact Bridget Robinson at (714) 394-4910 (call or text).


For the north we do not have dates yet, but we have some locations. We will post all these dates and locations on our dedicated CNMA Webpage and on our Facebook page (Moose Youth Awareness California Nevada Moose Association) when we get the dates and times confirmed.


For Clearlake Oaks, Orland, and West Sacramento, contact Lynn McDonald at; for Auburn, Richmond, and Placerville, contact Fred Reichelt at For the District 10 area we have no dates or locations set up at this time. Contact Kathy Childs at When sending emails to us please put “Youth Awareness” in the subject line.


We would love to hold additional congresses to reach out to more students to give them an opportunity to earn a scholarship. If you have a scouting group, sports team, dance team, church group, or any group of high school students that are interested, we can come to you. Students must fill out an application, which can be emailed to them, prior to attending a Youth Awareness Congress.


Please remember to put all of your Youth Awareness donations in your Heart of the Community report. Including when you host a Youth Awareness Congress at your Lodge!!


Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Serving from the Heart,
Bridget Robinson
Youth Awareness Chairman and Coordinator
(714) 638-8114

We had a wonderful Mid-Year Conference in Costa Mesa (March 23rd-26th). It is always FUN to see friends from other areas and of course spend time with our local friends as well. It is a wonderful time to learn new and updated information. Our Official Visitor was CEO Scott Hart. If you haven’t had the chance to meet Scott you need to. He is funny, motivating, charming and knowledgeable just to name a few things. Scott truly cares about the members and the work we do. Association President Joe Henderson did an amazing job as did all of the California Nevada Moose Association (CNMA) Executive Committee and Chairmen.


We have five students going to the Youth Awareness Congress April 20th-24th. They will compete in St. Louis Missouri. The finalists are Peyton Manning sponsored by West Sacramento, Zuleyka Alvarez sponsored by San Jose, Hanna Walker sponsored by Buena Park, Denise Rojas sponsored by Garden Grove Lodge and Quang Ho sponsor by Garden Grove Chapter. Congratulations to all of our finalists.


We had a total of twelve Student Congresses, which resulted in 176 Kids talks and reaching almost 500 elementary school students.


We are already beginning to set up Student Congresses for the 2023-2024 year. We will be at Buena Park Lodge on September 9th, and Escondido Lodge on October 14th. We will post all of the Student Congress on Facebook as we add to the schedule. If you have a student that would like to attend or if you have students and you need us to do a congress for you, feel free to contact me.


We will let everyone know who the winners are as soon as we find out who they are! Have a wonderful Easter and a beautiful Mother’s Day!

YA Chairman Bridget Robinson, CA North Finalist Nathan Cheng, YA Coordinator Kathy Childs, CA North Finalist Karina Haddad and YA Coordinator Lynn McDonald

CA South Finalists Dennis Rojas, Jenisa Medina, Ellie Nguyen and YA Chairman Bridget Robinson

CA South Finalists Jenisa Medina and Ellie Nguyen

CA North Finalists Nathan Cheng and Karina Haddad

Youth Awareness Contacts

Fred Reichelt 510-507-4654
Lynda (Lynn) McDonald 916-852-8628
Kathy Childs


Bridget Robinson 714-394-4910