Heart of Community

Darcy Wilbur
HOC Committee Chair
(530) 391-7224

The Heart of the Community is looking for donations of Tommy Moose and Rosie Moose for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and Blankets for Costa Mesa Fire & Police Departments that we will present at the Mid-Year Conference in Costa Mesa. We will also be asking for donations for the Orange County Ronald McDonald House that are in their Wish List below.


We will also be going to Hope School again this year to deliver backpacks for the kids. There will be no blood drive at the Mid-Year, but it will be held in September at the Annual Convention in Reno, NV.


Please send your Tommy & Rosie Moose to Darcy Wilbur 5801 Pony Express Trail, Pollock Pines, CA 95726. Thank you for all you do for the Heart of the Community.

California Nevada Moose Association now has an ongoing virtual Blood Drive linked to the Association Blood bank account! You can now donate any time and your donation will be credited to our account. Just click on the link and follow the instructions. Easy Peasy!

Join Virtual Blood Drive

Chip Wilbur Stuff the Bus (530) 417-0561 canddwines@yahoo.com, Darcy Wilbur Tommy Moose (530) 391-7224, darcywilbur@yahoo.com,  Jesse Orta  Vereran Affairs (916) 372-7470 amvetnet@yahoo.com,,Marci Whitton Blood Drive (916) 723-4733 marciw@comcast.net, Paul Kramer Public Relations 408-826-9238 kramer398@aol.com, Bridget Robinson, bridge2moose@aol.com, Noreen Sprague, norken82@gmail.com

Las Vegas Lodge & Chapter donated Tommy Moose to Sunrise Children’s Hospital of Las Vegas on August 22, 2022

Funds raised for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital from Moose Lodges all across the country this weekend for our International Heart of the Community project were in excess of $60,000!


A Program Helping Children, Seniors And Making Our Communities A Better Place To Live!

The Moose Community Service Program of today and for the century challenges people to become volunteers through membership in the Moose. It calls for capable and inspired leadership and for a generous giving of thought, effort and time according to the Moose Six-Point Community Service Program. Counting hours worked, miles driven and dollars donated, the Moose contribute $70 – $80 million worth of service every year to communities throughout the U.S., Canada and Great Britain. Community Service has been an ever-growing portion of the overall Moose fraternal program ever since its inception under the name Civic Affairs by then Director General Malcolm Giles in the late 1940’s

The kaleidoscope of all that is Community Service was organized into a Five-Point Program in the early 1990’s, then expanded in the mid-dacade to the Six-Point Program with its familiar logo above.

Can teenagers persuade younger children to make the right choices in life? Yes say the teens and the adults who work together in the Moose Youth Awareness Program. For more than a decade, the Moose has organized high-school-age leaders into a highly effective speaker’s bureau to persuade preschool and elementary-age youngsters against drug use. The program, founded in 1986, has now expanded to bring awareness to 4-to-9 year olds on other subjects such as child abuse, gangs and other elements that have an adverse effect on the youth of today. Women of the Moose are actively participating in many community projects.

Tommy Moose was developed to continue the initial concept of providing a plush Moose as a Community Service Program. Since 2002, the men and women of the Moose have donated more than 75,000 TOMMY MOOSE plush dolls to police, fire and ambulance units all across America.
With two or three Tommy’s always on hand in their vehicles, public safety workers have a way to help soothe and calm small children in moments of trauma and crisis.
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Community Service Can Make Your Lodge & Chapter Stand Out As A Community Leader!

Our Promise To Our Children In Our Care!
Tell Yourself . . It’s Also Up To Me To Help Keep That Promise!
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Thanks To Everyone That Helps To Make Our Children’s Dreams Come True