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Message from the Moose International Chairman of the Board of Directors

To the Officers and members California/Nevada Moose Association:


I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of those involved in my recent visit to your Association!


The accommodations were top notch and the hospitality shown to me was absolutely beyond expectations!


I truly enjoyed traveling with your Association President, Roddy…your Association Secretary, Cheryl…and your Association Vice President, Dina.

Everyone was upbeat and our conversations were both entertaining and educational.


The leadership in your Association is exceptional, professional and very sincere in your mission of The Moose.

It is self evident why your Association continues to “lead the way” to fraternalism…throughout our Fraternity…year after year!


Please thank all of the lodges we visited for their friendliness and hospitality during our visits.  It was a very enjoyable experience.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in our future travels in our endeavor to make our Fraternity the best it can be!

May we all work together to Embrace our Communities in the year ahead!


May God bless each and every one of you!


Sincerely & fraternally,


John R. Sipes


Rancho Cordova Moose Family Center Honors Distinguished Guests

The group of distinguished guests pose with Chairman of Moose International, Inc Board of Directors John Sipes. From left are California Nevada Moose Association President Roddy Myers, Rancho Cordova Moose administrator John Ingrim, Moose Territory manager Terry Gough, Sipes, Rancho Cordova Moose Vice-President T. J. Homer, Rancho Cordova City Councilmember Linda Budge and Rancho Cordova Moose President Chris Fordham.

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) – On April 27, the Rancho Cordova Moose Family Center hosted a special event to honor two distinguished guests: John Sipes, chairman of Moose International, Inc. Board of Directors, and Linda Budge, five-time Rancho Cordova mayor and City Councilmember.

Rancho Cordova City Councilmember Linda Budge was presented with an Award for Excellence. From left are Moose Legion President Joe Gough, Rancho Cordova Moose Administrator John Ingrim, Rancho Cordova Moose President Chris Fordham and Budge.

The purpose of this gathering was to recognize Sipes for his outstanding contributions and to express gratitude to Budge for her 20 years of membership in the Moose organization. As part of the tribute, Budge presented Sipes with a key to the City of Rancho Cordova. The Rancho Cordova Moose Lodge also presented a $1,000 donation to the director of Sacramento Autism Services, Dr. Kathryne Buchanan.

Sacramento Autism is awarded a $1,000 check. From left are Rancho Cordova Moose President Chris Fordham, director of Sacramento Autism Services, Dr. Kathryne Buchanan; Sacramento Autism behavioral administrator Heather Botta; Autism Rancho Cordova office manager Ron Beck; and Rancho Cordova Moose administrator John Ingrim.

The Rancho Cordova Moose Family Center is an integral part of the community, embodying the Moose organization’s core values of fellowship, service and support. With more than 1,000,000 members across the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Bermuda, the Moose fraternity actively contributes to charitable causes, including Mooseheart Child City & School and Moosehaven Retirement care facility.


The event was a testament to the spirit of camaraderie and goodwill that defines the Moose organization. As members celebrate life together, they also reaffirm their commitment to serving those in need within the local community. Whether through volunteer efforts, donations or social gatherings, the Moose continues to make a positive impact.

Rancho Cordova City Councilmember Linda Budge presents the Key to the City to Chairman of Moose International, Inc Board of Directors John Sipes.

On December 3rd the Association honored Pilgrim Councilman and Past Supreme Governor Milton McGinnis for his 73 years of dedicated service to our fraternity and this Association. Next time you see Milt be sure to congratulate him for his dedication!

Pilgrim – Special birthday

My Brothers all:


It is my honor to share some news with you about a very special birthday. We want to announce that Past Chairman of the Board Milt McGinnis will be celebrating his 95th Birthday on March 6th. He is doing well at the present time, while going to the normal ongoing tests and doctor visits. He will be making a limited number of extended trips and does make visits to area lodge functions. He enjoys staying in contact with his many friends by phone. Knowing that he would enjoy getting a birthday card, if you do wish to send one. The address is: 901 Carolina Street in Vallejo, CA 94590. Thank you for your support with best wishes to Brother Milt and his family as they gather together at home on his special day.


Bob Sypnieski
Pilgrim Liaison

“The Moose” Appointments announced at the Moose International Convention in Reno, Nevada:


  • Chuck Barber as International Moose Legion President
  • Cheryl D Volden to the Judiciary Committee
  • Past Supreme Governor Milt McGinnis to the Pilgrim Council
  • Bridget Robinson to the Heart of the Community Committee
  • Dina Munday to the Activities Committee
  • Walter “Eric” Fives to the Membership Committee
  • Cindy Raslavsky to the Moosehaven Board of Directors

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