Council Higher Degrees

As members we do such wonderful things in our community not to mention Mooseheart and Moosehaven.  I’m so proud to be a part of this wonderful Moose Fraternity.


Why would I not pay my dues?  We need your help with this.


Call your members and let them know how important they are to our Moose Fraternity.  Make them feel like they are a part of a wonderful group of people.  Show them how much FUN the Lodge is.  Invite them to a function let them know what we are all about.


The Councils’ main responsibility and goal is to aid the Lodges, Chapters and Moose Legions in the retention of active dues paying members through personal contact. Our Council members run various social programs and do a fair amount of fund-raising as well. Support of Moose Charities initiatives and our fraternity in general is often very rewarding as done by these groups. After all, they are made up of past and current leaders who believe in our cause and know our needs and how to fulfill them.


Additionally, the Councils normally have an annual banquet and/or other events to honor those new degree holders who have advanced in the past year. These events recognize the individuals and offer a chance to publicly thank them for their service among their peers. This in itself promotes benevolence and charity among all members.


As members of the Higher Degrees these groups are generally in the forefront of support and promotion of Moose programs and lead the cause of fraternalism by example. These groups, at the Chapter, Lodge and Moose Legion level, may meet as often as desired to socialize, work towards building membership strength, raise funds for Moose Charities and help with various other fraternal endeavors.


Remember – It’s the little things that usually have the greatest impact in life.


A smile – A hug – A thank you and A compliment – when someone does a great job!



Frankie Wysocki

CHD Chairman

(661) 747-4345

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Angeles Desert Council of Higher Degrees

President Art Sorem (310) 213-0004
Secretary Gerilyn Walsh (310) 343-1167

CA North State Council of Higher Degrees

President Linda Huber (916) 531-1220
Secretary Linda Savely (916) 743-6699

Gold Coast Council of Higher Degrees

President Robert Leon (409) 772-3584
Secretary Ann Cooke (831) 27-4320

Surf & Sand Council of Higher Degrees

President Bonnie Trejo (562) 260-6079
Secretary Linda Ethier (562) 833-3626

Official Logo

The official logo of the Council of Higher Degrees is the standing Moose overlaid on six (6) interlocking rings representing the degrees of the Order. The color of the rings denote the degrees: Pilgrim is gold; Fellowship is French blue, Moose Legion is purple, College of Regents is black, Academy of Friendship is blue and the Star Recorder is green.

Composition Of Higher Degrees

The Council of Higher Degrees consists of:
Members of the Pilgrim Degree of Merit, the Fellowship Degree of Honor, the Moose Legion Degree of Service, the College of Regents, the Academy of Friendship and the Star Recorders.


Council is a separate and autonomous unit of the Order. The purpose of the Council of Higher Degrees is:


  • To be actively involved in the retention of Lodge, Chapter and Moose Legion members.
  • To promote and support the programs of Moose Charities.
  • To honor all newly elevated members of the higher degrees.
  • To honor the memories of deceased members of the Council of Higher Degrees.
  • To promote the programs of The Moose and Women of The Moose.
  • To encourage fraternal and social unity, benevolence and charity among all members of the Order.


If you want to keep your members

R is for: Realizing that members need to be Reminded of their worth.
E is for The extra effort make members feel welcome.
T is for: Thinking about and listening to members concerns and ideas.
E is for: The Elemental Enjoyment and understand of the moose family.
N is for: The nucellus part of the moose in each lodge to grow solid ( in this case the officers need to reach out to all of their co-workers.
T is for: Tapping the talent in each lodge, to make the Moose Home more welcoming.
I is for:  Including each member  in each function and meeting.
O is for: Overcoming Obstacles so you may work and plat together.
N is for: Nuking the needless negativity floating around the lodge home.


I know you all love the moose as I do so lets start working together and get  our members back.


Remember: Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they have the heart.


Frankie Wysocki




Councils of Higher Degrees do have to carry Fidelity Bond coverage (also known as employee theft coverage). You may purchase this coverage from any source that you wish provided that the Insurance Company has a Best’s rating of A or better. Most Fraternal Units purchase this coverage through Lockton Risk Services. You may contact them at 1-866-836-3373.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Best regards,
Cynthia D. Traynor
Senior Staff Attorney
Moose International, Inc.
(630) 859-6619

One in Purpose and One in Commitment


It has come to my attention that a few of our higher degree members may be incapacitated in some manner (in a rest home, etc.). This is the perfect time to make a personal contact with the member or the family to offer aid or comfort. AND, some unit should pay the man’s Lodge and Moose Legion or woman’s Chapter dues to keep them in good standing and on the active rolls of their degree. This is brother helping a brother and co-worker helping a co-worker at its highest level. Remember we are the Moose and — We are One in Spirit, One in Purpose and One in Commitment.


Thanks again for all your efforts and for being a piece of the solution!


Jim Fleminbg
Moose International