Association President

Roddy Myers
CNMA President 2023 – 2024
(530) 300-8503

Hello Moose Family,


I would like to thank everyone that attended the second seminar for District Presidents/Secretaries & Committee Chairs meeting. We had a great turnout, and a lot was accomplished. The feedback from all who attended was this was one of the best ones they have attended. I want to thank the Monterey Moose Lodge for hosting our Seminar. The food was remarkable.


Our Executive Committee meeting went well. We discussed our upcoming California Nevada Moose Association 2024 Mid-Year Conference. We will be having a Casino Fun Night again. I know I had a lot of FUN last year so if you did not go last year you need to go this year to see what FUN we all had.


This year John Sipes Chairman of the International Board of Directors will be visiting with us in April. We will be visiting Lodges in Northern California since last year we visited the southern portion of our Association. If your Lodge is selected for a visit let’s make it a memorable visit for Chairman John Sipes and his wife Linda.


I have visited Lodges on my Journeys, and I would like to thank all of you for your hospitality. I will be stopping at several Lodges on my way home from Costa Mesa. I am looking forward to visiting your Lodge.


On another note, if you have not registered or booked your room for Costa Mesa please do so. I am looking forward to seeing all of you there.


My President’s Project, the Mooseheart Utility Vehicle has been purchased but we still owe about $7,000. I know we can get this done so we can pick another project for this year. Thank you for your support in this purchase for Mooseheart it will help them get their school supplies from storage to the classrooms. Thank you for your help in making this happen.

CNMA President’s Project – Mooseheart Utility Vehicle Pictures

New Sign installed on the California Nevada Building on the Moosehaven campus

Moosehaven resident Sue Hicks sent us pictures of the new sign that has been placed on the California Nevada Building on the Moosehaven campus. This building houses the Resident Services office.