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Bob Criss
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We have accomplished a lot toward our membership goals. Our membership numbers are climbing each week, but we need to keep the momentum going. Membership Retention is the key for each Lodge to increase your lodge membership numbers. At the end of each month, when memberships expire, it is very important that your lodge retention committee makes those important calls to advise them that their dues have expired and that you want them to renew and continue supporting the legacy of the Moose Fraternity. Our children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven are counting on us to continue our support that we promised them long ago. By keeping our current members, your membership numbers will increase with each new member that is added to your lodge.

Bob Criss

CNMA Membership Chairman


Every lodge should be vigorously pursuing ways to bring new members into the lodge. Membership is the life blood of the lodge. Financial success depends on membership growth.

Membership promotion starts with the Lodge Officers, the Membership Chairman and their Committee! This is a team effort. The Membership Committee should have long term and short term membership programs going at all times within the lodge. These programs can be seasonal, fit the environment of the area and/or it’s membership likes. The don’t have to be expensive.

Membership Programs that fit the times can be a huge success. Use the short term ‘Turkey and/or Ham’ program around the Christmas Holiday’s. There are many programs that could be highly successful in a lodge. It just takes a little imagination, promotion and work on the Membership Teams part to come up with a program that will work. Reward your sponsors.

The Membership Campaigns from Moose International and your own California/Nevada Moose Association are supplemental membership promotional programs to the Lodge Membership Program. For best results, keep all programs first and foremost for all members to read, see and hear about. Get them motivated in promoting membership and sponsoring new and former members. While you are promoting membership, don’t forget to recognize the Sponsors!

A good membership team that knows the Moose program can do wonders. Moose International and the California/Nevada Membership Committee are always available to answer questions, furnish information and help! Use all resources available to bring success to your lodge!

Tool to Help You Sponsor Members!

Open Information


Does my lodge have an active Membership Committee that is always promoting membership within the lodge to attract your members to sponsor new and or former members? Yes or No!

An active Membership Committee working hand in hand with the Board of Officers will in most cases eliminate many problems when a lodge is struggling.

An increase in membership brings in financial support, but it does’t stop there.  You need to keep your members active and coming to the lodge.

Your Membership Committee needs the help of an active Family Activities and Sports Committee. They are needed to promote programs and activities for the whole family (All ages) to enjoy. When we joined the Moose, we heard of the many fun things we do in the Moose. Does your lodge have fun things to do?

Just enrolling a new member does not keep them coming back. In many cases they drop out at the end of the dues year. Get them involved! You need to also close the back door of membership loss!

Make your lodge the”Friendlest Place in Town!”

Also make sure your lodge is clean and bright. A dirty and dungy lodge is a Turn-Off to many people.

Remember – Membership Growth And Retention Starts With The Board Of Officers.