New Member Orientation

We just returned from the 2023 Mid-Year Conference. I was so grateful to be asked to attend and staff the Orientation booth. I was happy to see old friends and meet new ones.


This was my first time meeting Chief Executive Officer Scott Hart; he is such a strong speaker and motivator. He is one reason The Moose is the best organization to belong to.


Why are New Member Orientations so important to the retention of our Moose members?  Because orienting new members can be seen as developing our members to be committed to our mission in The Moose of striving for excellence in four areas.  (1) a fraternal program and community service within our Lodge system known as The Moose; (2) to provide a family environment and education for children in need in residence at Mooseheart, IL; (3) to provide for the needs of senior members at Moosehaven, FL; (4) and to promote membership growth.


All too frequently we skip any form of orientation and just place our new members directly on committees or fundraising projects and even as officers.  Without any additional support or guidance this can result in the loss of a new member.    Although involvement is crucial to the longevity of The Moose understanding the goals, objectives, structure, norms, and taboos is equally important to our new members.  By taking the time to orient new members to the privileges and responsibilities of membership, you create a more educated membership and a more productive group of individuals who can and will make a significant contribution to The Moose.


When providing an orientation remember to remind them that they have joined the finest not-for-profit organization around; that you would like them to discover the love we have for our fraternity; that the cost of being a member is minimal and that we believe that the benefits we are eligible for, simply by being a member are invaluable.  Direct them to the New Member Orientation Program booklet; the New Member Orientation Video; the Lodge Enrollment Ceremony; the Mooseheart Family Teacher Video; the Moosehaven Residents Video; the Member Benefits page and show them the many benefits offered to Moose members.

April is here it is your last month to hold an Orientation, hopefully this will complete your requirement for the Premier Lodge Award. Including all goals, you set for yourself and your Lodge this year.


Let’s AIM – Acquaint…Inform…Motivate our new members.

Larry Salem
CNMA New Member Orientation
Committee Chairman
(530) 574-7849

Chairman’s Message

Hello Everyone, We made it through the holiday season, and I am looking forward to 2023! The first big one is the California Nevada Moose Association (CNMA) 2023 Mid-Year Conference, which will be held March 24-26. During the conference, there will be a New Member Orientation table with information available on orientations. Some of you know, I’ve been calling Lodges to see how they are doing in their orientations and hopefully I have given them ideas which, could help. Several Lodges have been giving me great ideas on what has been working for them and I will be able to pass it along at the CNMA 2023 Mid-Year Conference. One of the reasons we have a Mid-Year Conference is to provide information from Moose International and pass it on to our members in the Association. This is the way we can work together and accomplish our goals. Please stop by the Orientation table, as I would genuinely enjoy seeing everyone!