New Member Orientation




As the New Member Orientation Chairman, it is my responsibility to provide you all with guidance on conducting orientations at your lodge homes.


First of all, it is one of the criteria for earning the Premier Lodge Award that each lodge should be striving to earn.  If a lodge does not earn the Premier Lodge Award then the Lodge President and Administrator are not eligible to earn the Leadership Award.  See the attached guidelines on both awards.

Why are New Member Orientations Important?

If you think about orientations in a lodge and for our fraternity, they’re an important part of welcoming new members. For example, when done properly they provide information on our private policy, Mooseheart & Moosehaven, membership incentives offered at both the Moose International level all the way down to our local lodges. Generally, new member orientation is crucial for membership-based organizations because it:


  • Encourages new members to get involved by showing them pathways for engagement such as volunteering
  • Acts as an ice breaker for members to meet fellow members (even if they are just other new members)
  • Serves as the first step in retaining a member at renewal time by introducing them to member only benefits & the member benefits offered exclusively to Moose Members through our Member Benefits Program
    • A Moose membership card provides access to over 1,600 Lodges across North America, but it also offers much, much more. Did you know that your Moose membership provides you with benefits that allow you to save more than your membership dues? That’s right, just being a member of the Moose Fraternity provides you with a variety of money saving opportunities in categories like Travel, Entertainment, Insurance, and Health & Wellness. Your Moose membership has it’s benefits – Don’t forget to take advantage of all that the Moose has to offer!
    • Go to to learn more about all the exciting benefits offered exclusively to moose members.
  • Helps new members become familiar with policies
  • Ensures they understand about other options such as the Moose Legion and Women of the Moose and earning the degrees of The Moose.

Larry Salem
CNMA New Member Orientation
Committee Chairman
(530) 574-7849