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Your California/Nevada Moose Association Special Projects Committee has developed a Recognition Awards Program available to all Fraternal Units, in or outside of the California/Nevada Association boundaries, to provide recognition to those Fraternal Units, Special Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals, at various stages of donation achievements.  It consists of a multiple step program based on monetary donation achievements and is based on the minimum total donation expectation for the three year program of $1140.00.  The steps and minimum donation ranges for achievement are as follows:

  • Step 1.  Will be a Certificate of Achievement and will be awarded when your donation level reaches the total of $368.00.
  • Step 2.  Will be a Certificate of Achievement and will be awarded when your donation level reaches the total of $736.00.
  • Step 3.  Will be a Certificate of Achievement and will be awarded when your donation level reaches the total of $1104.00.
  • Step 4.  Will be a Certificate of Achievement and will be awarded when your donation level reaches the total of $2208.00.
  • Your Committee has also reorganized our TOP DONOR PLAQUE AWARDS PROGRAM.  We have EXPANDED it to now include Seven (7) Divisions!!  That’s correct, seven divisions as follows:  INDIVIDUALS, ACTIVITY COMMITTEES, CHAPTERS, LODGES, DISTRICTS, MOOSE LEGION JURISDICTIONS, and COUNCILS OF HIGHER DEGREES.
  • Good Luck to everyone, in your quest to be #1 in your respective Division.
  • A gentle reminder, for you and the Association to receive credit, Donation Checks are made to MOOSE CHARITIES with CNMA/MAC in the Memo section and are to be mailed to Moose Charities, 155 S International Dr.  Mooseheart, IL 60539-1100. If your activity Group/Committee does not have a Checking Account; PLEASE contact the Association Secretary for guidance and assistance with your donations.
  • Fraternally, your A to Z CNMA Special Projects Committee:  Mike Aldrich, Bob Bakman Chairman, Chuck Barber, Mark Dickey, Bill Farley, Norrie Gardner, Skip Goldberg, John Hughes, Gary McGrath, Russ Nelson, Tony Padayao, Michael Stadnick, Bill Thompson, Leonard Vyfvinkel and Joe Zenkus.





To fulfill our responsibilities to complete a commitment made in September 2019 to Moose Charities by the California/Nevada Moose Association, Inc.; to raise and donate a minimum of $150,000.00 to be used for construction of a new Mooseheart Activity Building.  This fundraising effort is our part of an overall 8 million dollar new building project.


  • Within 3 years raise the funds necessary to complete the minimum Commitment.
  • Bring a sense of awareness and urgency to every Association Fraternal Unit of their responsibility to meet their obligation of a minimum donation of $380.00 per year.
  • Invite all other Fraternal Units located within the Nevada/California borders to join with and assist the Association to meet or exceed the goal by participating in our Awards Program.
  • Invite and encourage Individual Members to participate in our Awards Program or by donating whatever they can to help reach our ASSOCIATION Goals.
  • Encourage participants to donate towards meeting each Award Level and then reach then next higher commitment level.  One step toward helping reach the GOAL, is better than none.


  • By encouraging fundraising activities by all FRU’s, Activity Groups and Committees at all levels within the Fraternity Family.
  • By providing fundraising ideas and other forms of support upon request.
  • By using all means available to us to communicate information about the importance of this Project to all Fraternal Units, Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals.
  • By establishing and providing information about the existence of an Awards program, its levels and availability to all FRU’s, Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals within or outside of the California/Nevada Association Boundaries.
  • By communicating directly, through others or both with CMNA FRU’s not meeting minimum donation expectations.
  • By providing periodic reports indicating the achievement level of all Fraternal Units, Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals; as well as where we stand relative to achieving ASSOCIATION Goal.


Hi Everyone.  Brief updates:  As of June 30, 2020 our Program donation level was $79,478.54.  Which is a bit over our half our minimum Goal.  However, under our circumstances we need to be diligent in our efforts to find ways to acquire funds to support the Program and be careful not to let our circumstances become an excuse for not meeting our obligations.  A series of small donations in lieu of one large donation will still get us to our Goal.  In September 2004 our first major Special Project (Moooseheart Scholarship Fund) started.  After four additional project and now early into our sixth, your donations reached One Million Dollars on June 25, 2020.  We say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your support in achieving this benchmark.  With the cancelation of our Annual Convention and our Awards Breakfast, we have chosen to hold the presentation of earned Level Awards off until the Midyear Conference to better honor and recognize those receiving Awards.  We are in the process of upgrading our website and thus making our sharing of information readily available to all of the Fraternal Membership.
We have recently made some changes in the Donation and Awards spreadsheet and the distribution thereof.  Full distribution to all Fraternal Unit and Association Leadership will continue on an approximate schedule of 2 months before and after scheduled the Midyear Conference and Annual Convention.  We are now receiving a monthly report of donations around the 15th of each month of donations received by the last day of the previous Month.  A distribution to the Executive Board, Moose Legion Area Managers, Women of The Moose Deputy Grand Regent and District Presidents will be Monthly.  We are also working on doing website posting.  Additionally we have added the following information to the indicated areas and columns on the spreadsheets.  Lodges:  In Column “D” Total Membership on 4/30/ Year
Districts:  No Change.  Moose Legion Jurisdictions:  Total Membership 4/30/Year.  Councils of Higher Degree:  No Change.  Other Fraternal Units:  No Change.  Chapters:  In Column “D”:  Total Membership on 4/30/Year.  Individual Donors:  In Column “C” District Fraternal Unit is in.  Column “D”:  Fraternal Units Number.  This is a Major Change.
One of the basic major responsibilities of any Fundraising endeavor is to make sure that Donors receive proper Recognition and Thanks in generous proportions.  We have become aware that our Individual Donors are not receiving a proper amount of either Recognition or Thanks.  Thus, starting with this Spreadsheet we are asking the Governors and Senior Regents to make sure this oversight is corrected.  We are asking the District Presidents and the Deputy Grand Regent or Her designee (s) to help oversee and to assure the success of this effort.  District Presidents are also requested to do the same for all of the Lodges and within his/her District.  We all know that an in-person at a function presentation is the best and preferred method of recognition,  given our current restrictions we believe if in person cannot happen that a personal written communication or newsletter/electronic communication would be more appropriate then no recognition at all.  We also suggest that for Lodge and Chapter recognition you start with those who have made donations with date of January 1, 2020 to date, so none are missed.  For those doing the Individuals, there are 66 and we ask that all be contacted.  As this is an ongoing task we recommend that the District President provide a monthly list of Lodge Members that need to be contacted and thanked to their Lodge Governors and a courteous list to the Chapter Senior Regent of her Individual Donors for the same purpose.  If you are asking yourself why is this so important?  Well, it is because in our current campaign these 66 Individual Members have donated 19.9% of our current total and we think that is important enough to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT.
A gentle reminder that donations checks must be made to Moose Charities; sent to 155 S. International Drive Mooseheart IL 60539-1100;  write what fund it is for in the Memo section (CNMA-MAC) works; keep in mind that the donation is credited to the account name on the check.
From all of us to all of you; May the Supreme Being of your choosing bless keep you and yours safe and well during these times of uncertainty in our lives.
Fraternally, you’re A to Z CNMA Mooseheart Activity Center Project Committee:  Mike Aldrich, Bob Bakman Chair, Chuck Barber, Debby Berry CNMA Moose Charities Chair, Mark Dickey, Bill Farley, Norrie Gardner, Skip Goldburg, John Hughes, Russ Nelson, Tony Pasayao, Mike Stadwick, Leonard Vyvinkel, and Joe Zenkus

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