Special Projects


Well, the pace of the donations toward our Mooseheart “AAA Special Project” have been increasing at a steady, slow pace, we are happy to report as of June 30, 2023 our total donations are $43,367.70. This is $152,736.30 short of our MINIMUM GOAL commitment. We need to keep in mind that this program is expected to continue until about October 2025, which means we need at least a minimum monthly donation income of around $5,657 in order to reach the MIMINUM GOAL EXPECTATION. As those of you that have been participating historically already know, minimum donation levels are something that we like to look BACK AT, not FOWARD TO! So Forward, Onward and Upward, every dollar counts!!


Ann Cooke has been assigned to assist me in keeping the Special Projects webpage updated. There are great tools available on the site such as Special Project News, Chairman message (this is where you will find the newsletter message), Project Overview, Mission Statement, Awards Program, and the latest spreadsheet along with a spreadsheet guide created to assist users in understanding the columns in the spreadsheet. If you have a pressing need for information that you feel is necessary to increase your ability to fulfill your fundraising role/goal; please send me an email and we will help you resolve your issue or problem. My information can be found in this article as well as on the Special Projects webpage.


We hope to have and bring an armful of Program Level Awards for all who have earned them for distribution during the Annual Convention. However, we are a little behind in design and production, but hope to have them available.


In closing, we would say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone on behalf of Moose Charities International Staff, Our senior residents at Moosehaven, your Association and our Committee, for all you have, are and will be doing; to make this fundraising program successful.


Fraternally yours, Moosehaven AAA Project Chairperson R.R. “Bob” Bakman and Committeepersons Mark Dickey, Dave Emig, Jason Evans CNMA Moose Charities Chair, Bill Farley, Norrie M Gardner, Skip Goldberg, John Hughes, Russ Nelson, Tony Padayao, Michael Stadnick, Leonard Vyfinkel, Bryon Wilks, and Joe Zinkus.



Donor THANK YOU LIST covering donations made from 5/1/2023 to 5/31/2023


5/31/23 Burbank Lodge #652 60.00

5/11/23 Escondido Lodge #1874 100.00

5/09/23 Garden Grove Lodge #620 200.00

5/31/23 Glendale Lodge #641 90.00

5/30/23 Las Vegas Lodge #2723 50.00

5/11/23 Lemon Grove Lodge #1713 200.00

5/19/23 Manteca Lodge #1815 40.00

5/31/23 Mint Canyon Lodge #2173 60.00

5/11/23 Mira Mesa Lodge #2108 100.00

5/12/23 Pacifica Lodge #1944 1,000.00

5/23/23 Rancho Cordova Lodge #2357 100.00

5/31/23 Reseda Lodge #1738 160.00

5/31/23 San Fernando Valley Lodge #1522 250.00

5/31/23 Simi Valley Lodge #1902 830.00

5/19/23 Temecula Lodge #261 100.00

5/31/23 Ventura Lodge #1394 1,110.40

5/17/23 Yuba City Lodge #1204 100.00

5/19/23 Big Valley District #8 189.50

5/12/23 West Coast Central District #11 300.00

5/09/23 Centinela District #16 49.00

5/12/23 High Desert District #22 155.00

5/19/23 Southern District #23 100.00

5/19/23 Monterey Chapter #630 100.00

5/17/23 Yuba City Chapter #1204 100.00

5/25/23 Aubrey Robinson Garden Grove Lodge #620 100.00

5/26/23 Mo Khan Hayward-Castro Valley Lodge #1491 52.19

5/20/23 Cheryl Volden Oxnard Lodge #561 68.00

5/12/23 Cynthia A. Raslavsky Red Rock Lodge #252 50.00

5/14/23 Perry L. James Santa Cruz Lodge #545 100.00

5/11/23 Vince Martinez Santa Cruz Lodge #545 250.00

5/04/23 Michael Stadnick Santa Maria Lodge #719 25.00

5/24/23 Rachel Fernandez Torrance Lodge #785 20.00


TOTAL        $6,209.09


Please extend appropriate Recognition and Thanks on behalf of the California-Nevada Moose

Moose Association to these Donors.  Thank You.

~ There is strength in unity – a burden heavy to one is borne lightly by many ~




The first $1,000,000 toward our $2,000,000 Project Goal, is history.  Sometime in December you reached the halfway point.  The not so good news is our unit participation level needs some attention.  We will at this point again remind everyone that the California Nevada Moose Association is comprised of Lodges, Districts, Councils of Higher Degrees, and Individuals who maintain membership in one or more of these Units.  The Chapters and Moose Legion Jurisdictions have, and continue to participate by invitation in the Level Awards Program; and we appreciate all they do and have done in the past by helping us achieve and surpass our many past Projects Goals.  They deserve a THANK YOU from one and all for helping the Association meet these Goals.


Our current donation level as of December 31, 2023, was $103,866.52, which leaves a balance of $96,136.48 to meet our original goal.  Another segment of our organization that deserves recognition and thanks are the individual member donors, who currently number 56 and as of December 31, 2023, have collectively donated $28,810.85.  Participant donations levels range from $10 & up.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to each and every PARTICIPANT.


PARTICIPATION, as we have stated many times in the past: “All it takes to become a participant is to make an initial donation to the Project.”  We understand there is a lot of competition for your charitable dollars, but understand every donation, regardless of the amount, helps reach and fulfil both our GOALS and RESPONSIBILITIES to care for our Children at MOOSEHEART and our Seniors at MOOSEHAVEN.  In closing our Committee thanks everyone for their efforts, and we still have a way to go.  If there are questions or you need help with a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In closing we wish all of you a wonderful Holiday season and extend multiple THANK YOU’S for

all you have given in support of the MOOSEHAVEN AAA PROJECT.



Robert R. ‘Bob’ Bakman
Special Projects Sub-Committee Chairman
(661) 822-7684





The NEW Project will consist of a THREE (3) Year Fundraising effort by us to fulfill a CNMA Minimum Donation Commitment of $200,000.00 as our share of a $10,000,000.00 reconstruction Project at our MOOSEHAVEN SENIOR’S CAMPUS located in Orange Park, Florida.                                     .


The Campus area involved was originally built as a Residential unit in 1952 and converted to a Sports Complex in 1966. Initial thinking was to renovate the 73 year old building again.  However, after the age of the existing Facility and the need for additional space for the Complex, the original plan was not seen to be feasible.

Included in the new expanded Project are an indoor Therapeutic Pool with an adjacent Fire Pit and Patio Outdoor Area.  There will also be a Four (4) Lane Bowling Alley and areas for Shuffleboard, Billiards, Darts, Cards, a Beverage Bar and a TIKI Bar.  The Complex will also include an 80 ft. x 100 ft. pavilion overlooking the St. Johns River.


In addition to the above information there are additional postings on the CNMA SPECIAL PROJECTS WEBSITE pertaining to the following:

  • The Committee’s Mission Statement
  • Goals and Methods we plan to follow to help you achieve and complete a successful program
  • A page on the Projects Awards Program
  • A Project Spreadsheet Guide to help know how to evaluate your and others progress so you can plan, achieve your short and long term goals and bring the Project to a successful conclusion

The Committee, as we have in the past, would also take this opportunity to invite: The WOTM Chapters, other WOTM Activity functions; and The Moose Legion Jurisdictions, to participate in our Awards Program.


It is our plan to continue our current TOP DONOR AWARD PROGRAM; wherein the Top Donor in each of the following Moose Groups will receive a Plaque:

  • Council of Higher Degree
  • District
  • Lodge
  • Individual
  • Activity Group
  • Chapter
  • Moose Legion Jurisdiction

From that Group the one with the largest Donation receives the CNMA TOP DONOR AWARD for that year. We will also continue presenting to any entity or Individual who achieves the Donation Level 5 of $4,200.00 or more a Plaque.


We remind you that all Donation Checks are to be made to Moose Charities and have CNMA MAAAP placed in the Check Memo area so your donation will be appropriately credited to the account of the donating entity or Individual. The check should be addressed and mailed to Moose Charities, 155 S. International Drive, Mooseheart, IL. 60539-1100. [COMPLETE AND CORRECT ZIP CODE REQUIRED FOR ACCURATE DELIVERY]


We thank you for your past participation in our Fundraising endeavors. If you have Questions or Problems, please do not hesitate to contact anyone on our Committee for assistance.


You’re A to Z CNMA Special Projects Committee:  Bob Bakman Sub Committee Chair, Mark Dickey, Dave Emig, Jason Evans CNMA Moose Charities Committee Chair, Bill Farley, Norrie Gardiner, Skip Goldberg, John Hughes, Russ Nelson, Tony Padayao, Michael Stadnick Jr., Leonard Vyfvinkel, Byron Wilkes, and Joe Zinkus



To fulfill our responsibilities of a commitment made in September 2022 to Moose Charities by the California/Nevada Moose Association, Inc.; to raise and donate a minimum of $200,000.00 to be used for the Renovations, Construction, and Repurposing of the area of the Moosehaven Campus designated as the “AAA Project” This fundraising effort is our part of an overall 10 million dollar project to improve the Healthcare, Recreational Activities, Living Conditions and Quality of Life for our Moosehaven Senior Residents.



  1. Within 3 years raise the funds necessary to complete the minimum Commitment.
  2. Bring a sense of awareness and urgency to every Association Fraternal Unit of their responsibility to meet their obligation of a minimum donation of $350.00 per year.
  3. Invite all other Fraternal Units located within the Nevada/California borders to join with and assist the Association to meet or exceed the goal by participating in our Awards Program.
  4. Invite and encourage Individual Members to participate in our Awards Program or by donating whatever they can to help reach our ASSOCIATION Goals.
  5. Encourage participants to donate towards meeting each Award Level and then reach the next higher commitment level. One step toward helping reach the GOAL is better than none.



  1. By encouraging fundraising activities by all FRU’s, Activity Groups and Committees at all levels within the Fraternity Family.
  2. By providing fundraising ideas and other forms of support upon request.
  3. By using all means available to us to communicate information about the importance of this Project to all Fraternal Units, Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals.
  4. By establishing and providing information about the existence of the Awards program, its levels and availability to all FRU’s, Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals within or outside of the California/Nevada Association Boundaries.
  5. By communicating directly, through others or both with CMNA FRU’s not meeting minimum donation expectations.
  6. By providing periodic reports indicating the achievement level of all Fraternal Units, Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals; as well as where we stand relative to achieving ASSOCIATION Goal.

11/20/2022 (rev)



Your California/Nevada Moose Association Special Projects Committee has developed a Recognition Awards Program available to all Fraternal Units and Individuals, in or outside of the California/Nevada Association boundaries, to provide recognition to those Fraternal Units, Special Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals, at various stages of donation achievements. It consists of a multiple step program based on monetary donation achievements and is based on the minimum total donation expectation for the three-year program of $1,050.00. These and additional steps and minimum donation ranges for achievement are as follows:


Step 1. Will be a Certificate of Achievement and will be awarded when your donation level reaches the total of $350.00.
Step 2. Will be a Certificate of Achievement and will be awarded when your donation level reaches the total of $700.00.
Step 3. Will be a Certificate of Achievement and will be awarded when your donation level reaches the total of $1,050.00.
Step 4. Will be a Certificate of Achievement and will be awarded when your donation level reaches the total of 2,100.00.
Step 5. Will be an Engraved Recognition Plaque with appropriate Donor and amount information will be awarded when your donation level reaches the total of $4,200.00.


TOP DIVISION DONOR PLAQUE AWARDS PROGRAM. A Recognition Plaque will be awarded to the Top Donor in the following Seven (7) Divisions:


In addition, an OVERALL TOP DONOR PLAQUE WILL BE PRESENTED TO THE UNIT or INDIVIDUAL contributing the Largest Donation to the PROJECT.

Good Luck to everyone, in your quest to be #1 in your respective Division.


A gentle reminder, for you and the Association to receive credit, Donation Checks are made to MOOSE CHARITIES with CNMA-MAAAP in the Memo section and are to be mailed to Moose Charities, 155 S International Dr. Mooseheart, IL 60539-1100. [COMPLETE AND CORRECT ZIP CODE IS REQUIRED FOR ACCURATE DELIVERY]. If your activity Group/Committee does not have a Checking Account; PLEASE contact the Association Secretary for guidance and assistance with your donations.


Fraternally, your A to Z CNMA Special Projects Committee:  Bob Bakman Special Projects Sub Chair, Mark Dickey, Dave Emig, Jason Evans CNMA Moose Charities Chair, Bill Farley, Norrie Gardner, Skip Goldberg, John Hughes, Russ Nelson, Tony Padayao, Michael Stadnick, Leonard Vyfvinkel, Bryon Wilkes and Joe Zenkus.

11/30/2022 (rev)



The purpose of this document is to help the reader save, print and understand the purpose of the various columns.

Lines and Columns:  The lines are numbered, 1 to length of document at 45 lines per page. Columns are alphabetical, A to AL which is 36 columns or about 3 sheets wide.  We only use Columns A to Q for a 1 sheet width.

Copying:  Instruct your printer to print pages 1 to the page or pages you wish copies of.  Current length of the document is 321 lines or 7 pages in length.  As you near that point you should add one or more additional pages, as needed, to assure you have and can print a complete spreadsheet.




Column A:  Used to identify District, if appropriate, of Fraternal Unit or Individual.

Column B:  Used for Inclusive Document Dates and Name of Fraternal Unit or Individual Donor.

Column C:  Fraternal Unit Identification Number.

Column D:  Date donation recorded by Moose Charities.

Column E:  $AMT. Amount donated to or/of 1st Level Award.

Column F:  O/P. Indicates Award Owed or Presented to Recipient.

Column G:  $AMT.  2nd Level Award, Same as E above.

Column H:  O/P. (Same as F above).

Column I:   $AMT.  3rd Level Award, Same as E above.

Column J:   O/P. (Same as F above).

Column K:  $AMT.  4th Level Award, Same as E above.

Column L:   O/P. (Same as F above).

Column M: $AMT.  5th Level Award. Same as E above.

Column N:  O/P. (Same as F above).

Column O:  $AMT.  6th Level Award, Same as E above.

Column P:  O/P. (Same as F above).

Column Q: TOTAL.  Total amount donated by Individual, Activity or Fraternal Unit during the inclusive

Spending Dates found at the top of Column B.


If you have questions about the Donations/Awards Spreadsheets please contact me preferably by email at bobbb@bak.rr.com or phone 661 822 7684, leave a message.

If the question is relative to missing donation will need the following:  Who check was made to, donation amount, check number, when sent, what you wrote in Notation/Memo area, has check cleared and if so when.  We can usually resolve issues within a few days.



Fraternally, R.R. “Bob” Bakman, CNMA Mooseheart AAA Project Chair

Revised 4/1/2023