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Sunshine Grandparent Program


Moosehaven residents come from all over the United States, as well as Canada and England! That means they may be far from family and friends.


Lodges, Chapters, State Associations, Council of Higher Degrees, other Moose affiliated groups, and even individual Moose members are encouraged to ‘adopt’ a Moosehaven resident under the Sunshine Grandparent Program.


Simple gestures, such as exchanging emails, or sending cards to celebrate birthdays and holidays, can make an enormous difference. Sharing stories and life’s journeys builds strong and lasting relationships. This program enriches not only the lives of the Moosehaven seniors but also the lives of those who adopt them. For more information go to the Moosehaven website, Sunshine Grandparent Program.


Statistic at Moosehaven

  • 111 men and 186 women living at Moosehaven.
  • The oldest resident is Glenna McClain at 101.4 Years.
  • 41 Married couples living in Moosehaven.
  • Longest married couple Alert & Marlys Shallbetter, who are celebrating 69 years.
  • Longest married couple Alert & Marlys Shallbetter, who are celebrating 69 years.

Chuck Barber
Moosehaven Committee Chairman
(650) 279-5310

Moosehaven offers several options for residency:

The Moose Life Program

The New Life Program


Moosehaven offers several options for residency: The Moose Life Program or the The New Life Program.

Both plans require an applicant to be at least 65 years of age (at least one member of a spousal unit must be 65) and be able to live independently without assistance. He or she must also be or become a member of The Moose.


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The Ever Changing Face Of Moosehaven Now Offers More For Members!

Brandon Place at Moosehaven has become a reality. Now members will have additional choices for their retirement years. Check out the next step at Moosehaven.


Moosehaven now offers Moose members two choices for admission:  The Traditional Retirement Plan and the Fee-For-Service Plan, referred to as Brandon Place at Moosehaven.  The choices are designed to help meet the various financial needs of Moose members.  Under both plans, applicants must be at least 65 years of age.   For those who wish to enter into the Traditional Retirement Program, members should have at least 15 years of membership and be in good standing.  For Brandon Place applicants, a minimum of six months of membership is required.

Residents under the Traditional Retirement Plan will have their Social Security, Pensions, and any other real or tangible property deposited into their own Retirement Account, managed by Moosehaven.  Admission is not based on how much, or how little a resident has to fund their account.  In the meantime, Moosehaven provides all of their housing needs, clothing, toiletries, campus activities and events, entertainment, transportation, and all levels of medical care.

Brandon Place residents move into independent homes, that are well-appointed with all appliances, blinds, fans, tile and carpet.  Homes come with a security system and are maintenance free to the resident.   Residents must financially qualify to live at Brandon Place, demonstrating they have enough in their financial investments to support them through out their expected lifetime.  Brandon Place residents will continue to manage their own investments.  As their health care needs increase, they will transition to the Moosehaven LifeCare Center.  In the meantime, they enjoy all of the services, amenities, and entertainment that the Moosehaven campus provides.

The best way to learn…..

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