The “ACT” in Activities

We keep giving money away at least twice a month to individuals and fraternal units that purchased calendars.  There are still calendars available.  Every Calendar Sold is in EVERY Drawing!! – A Calendar can win more than once.


For fraternal units – This is a HEART OF THE COMMUNITY PROJECT as it provides support to Mooseheart/Moosehaven with half of the proceeds.  Fraternal Units – contact me to get your 20-packs.


The Association Campout May 11th to 15th was a lot of FUN for those that attended.  We did off-road adventures on Thursday and Friday.  Friday morning, we had a pancake breakfast with sausage and bacon.  Thanks to Bill Thompson for cooking the bacon and Jack Shomberg for cooking the sausage and pancakes.  This was done for NO COST to those that wanted to eat.  We had a Cornhole double elimination tournament with 7 teams formed by blind draw Saturday afternoon.  Congratulations to Jim Erskine (Placerville Lodge) and Frank Clay (Auburn Lodge) who went undefeated and took home the prize money of $35 each.  Thanks to Carson City Moose member and Lakeshore Premium Wines Principal Jeff “Vino” Williams for providing the wine tasting.  I am not a wine drinker, but I enjoyed tasting the wines and actually bought a bottle of Illumination.  We did a 2-day Poker Run, and the winner was Danny Jordan (Auburn Lodge) – $84 plus a $210 donation to Moose Charities under his Moose ID number with a 6-high straight.  2nd was Suzanne Erskine (Placerville Lodge) with 2 pair – Kings and Queens for $63, 3rd place was Leonard Vyfvinkel (Sunnyvale Lodge) with 2 pair – Kings and Sixes for $42.  The worst hand for $21 went to Jody Sharp (Auburn Lodge).  We had about 50 for the steak dinner Saturday Night.  Special thanks to Bill Thompson, Jack Shomberg, Chris Thompson and Sue Morris for the cooking and prep (and Jim Erskine for allowing us to soak the fresh corn in their husks in his hotel room bathtub).  Everyone enjoyed the dinner.  We then drew the dinner tickets for prizes (extra food/snacks) and cash (dinner profit) to conclude the day’s activities.  There was socialization amongst the moose members the entire time and a couple meals out supporting the local communities.  There were at least 8 Lodges represented – Great Camaraderie and new friends were made!!


The Moose Night with the Bay Area Panthers Indoor Football Team at SAP Arena on April 20th which also included Tommy Moose (Roddy Myers – thank you!!) in the stands was a huge success.  Seven cases of Tommy Moose were handed out to the public and 3 cases were presented to the San Jose Police Department.  Great visibility for The Moose!!  We had a lot of Moose members as well in the stands for this game.


Besides Lodges sponsoring the Bay Area Panthers, Lodges have now grouped together to produce an event with the San Diego Strike Force Indoor Football Organization to provide a Safe Surfin’ CHILD/SENIOR ID EVENT at the June 18th game in San Diego!! We will be having leadership from Safe Surfin’ in attendance at the game and CHILD/SENIOR ID event.  There will also be the Moose/Safe Surfin’ Dasher Board at the remaining San Diego home games.


Thank you to the Lodges that donated money to get the Moose/Safe Surfin’ co-branded flash drives and banners for the CHILD/SENIOR ID event.  This will start 3 hours before the game in multiple sections of Pechanga Arena (inside and outside) on June 18th.


It will also be a Moose Night and “PARTNER OF FORCE FOR FIRST RESPONDERS” where fans will be tossing Tommy Moose plush onto the field to first responder organizations either pre-game or at Halftime.


We will have group tickets and our own section for the June 18th game in San Diego. If you are unable to attend the game, you can still participate!!  You can purchase a Tommy Moose Plush and 2 tickets for a special price and provide the opportunity for an underserved family to attend the game and be a part of the festivities!!  HEART OF THE COMMUNITY credit for Lodges!!


This program (ticket sales link) is being finalized as the deadline for this article arrived.  Contact me for details on how to get this special package for yourself or to gift it.  All proceeds from the sale of the Tommy Moose/Tickets from the June 18th game are being donated to Safe Surfin as our game beneficiary.


The Vegas Knight Hawks are also offering group tickets for Moose Members to their remaining home games in Henderson, NV.  So, we now have group opportunities at all 3 of the IFL Pro Football teams in CA and NV!! Contact me for information for any of the venues.  What a great Lodge outing ACTIVITY!!


Derrick Morris – CNMA Activities Committee Chairman

(831) 970-5562 mobile

(831) 663-0261 home office

Committee Members:


  • Jack Shomberg – Carson City Moose Lodge
  • Ted Jacobsen – Placerville Moose Lodge
  • Serbando Bonilla – Pacifica Moose Lodge
  • Sue Morris – North Monterey County MSC
  • Rick Balthazar – La Habra Moose Lodge
  • Cyndi Hanley – Placerville Moose Lodge
  • Rich Russitano – Pacifica Moose Lodge
  • Leonard Iniguez – Pacifica Moose Lodge
  • Fred Harris – North Monterey County MSC
  • Donnie Britt – Buena Park Moose Lodge

CNMA Activities 2022 Calendar Drawing Winners

Drawing – Winner – Amount


Reg 1 – 01/04/2022 Pauline Oliver – Fairfield Lodge $123

Reg 2 – 01/18/2022 Jill Butchello – Williamsburg VA 757 Moose Riders $124

Reg 3 – 02/01/2022 Fred & Carol Reichelt – Richmond Lodge $125

Reg 4 – 02/15/2022 Norma Macias – $125

Reg 5 – 03/01/2022 Gary Deaton – North Monterey County MSC2719 $125

Reg 6 – 03/15/2022 Jim Stowe – Gridley Lodge $125

Reg 7 – 04/05/2022 Monica Hark – Mint Canyon Lodge $133

Spec 1 – 04/12/2022 Lynda Dykes – Fontana Lodge $199

Reg 8 – 04/19/2022 Laurie Grundy – Santa Cruz 545 $133

Reg 9 – 05/03/2022 Michael Stadnick – Santa Maria Lodge $133

Reg 10 – 05/17/2022 Jolynne Frandeen – Pacifica Lodge $133

Reg 11 – 06/07/2022 Beth McDowell – Placerville Lodge $133

Reg 12 – 06/21/2022 Shaun McClish – Kearney Mesa $133

Reg 13 – 07/05/2022 Gridley Moose Lodge 1594 $133

Reg 14 – 07/19/2022 Michelle Cahoon – Gridley Lodge $133

Spec 2 – 07/27/2022 Gridley Moose Lodge 1594 $199

Reg 15 – 08/02/2022 sold by Channel Island Moose Legion $133

Reg 16 – 08/16/2022 sold by San Jose 401 $133

Reg 17 – 09/07/2022 Susan Parham – Paso Robles Lodge $133

Reg 18 – 09/20/2022 Loretta Morgan / Debbie Willers – Pacifica Lodge $133

Spec 3 – 10/02/2022 Christopher Sharp – Yuba City Lodge $199

Reg 19 – 10/04/2022 Mike Rios – Gifted by Derrick Morris $133

Reg 20 – 10/18/2022 Tim Bowman – Red Bluff Lodge $133

Spec 4 – 10/27/2022 Bob Bakman – North Monterey County MSC2719 $199

Reg 21 – 11/01/2022 Mike Good – La Habra Lodge $133

Reg 22 – 11/15/2022 Jo Collins-Tibessart – Orland Lodge $133