Special Projects Spreadsheet Guide



The purpose of this document is to help the reader save, print and understand the purpose of the various columns.


Lines and Columns: The lines are numbered, 1 to length of document at 45 lines per page. Columns are alphabetical, A to AL which is 36 columns or about 3 sheets wide. We only use Columns A to Q for a 1 sheet width.


Copying: Instruct your printer to print pages 1 to the page or pages you wish copies of. Current length of the document is 321 lines or 7 pages in length. As you near that point you should add one or more additional pages, as needed to assure you have a complete spreadsheet.



Column A: Used to identify District, if appropriate, of Fraternal Unit or Individual.
Column B: Used for Name of Fraternal Unit or Donor.
Column C: Fraternal Unit Identification Number.
Column D: Date donation recorded by Moose Charities.
Column E: $AMT. Amount donated to or/of 1st Level Award.
Column F: O/P. Indicates Award owed or presented to recipient.
Column G: $AMT. 2nd Level Award, Same as E above.
Column H: O/P. (Same as G above).
Column I: $AMT. 3rd Level Award, Same as E above.
Column J: O/P. (Same as G above).
Column K: $AMT. 4th Level Award, Same as E above.
Column L: O/P. (Same as G above).
Column M: $AMT. 5th Level Award. Same as E above.
Column N: O/P. (Same as G above).
Column O: TOTAL. Total amount donated by Individual, Activity or Fraternal Unit by Sheet ending date.
Column P: Dates covered by Donation and Awards Spreadsheet on Line 1. Remainder used for recording. Donation amounts under $1.00 and comments, notes and reminders.


If you have questions about the Donations/Awards Spreadsheets please contact me preferably by email at bobbb@bak.rr.com or phone 661 822 7684, leave a message.


If the question is relative to missing donation will need the following: Who check was made to, donation amount, check number, when sent, what you wrote in Notation/Memo area, has check cleared and if so when. We can usually resolve issues within a few days.


Fraternally, R.R. “Bob” Bakman, CNMA Mooseheart AAA Project Chair
Revised 11/20/2022