Special Projects Program Overview





The NEW Project will consist of a THREE (3) Year Fundraising effort by us to fulfill a CNMA Minimum Donation Commitment of $200,000.00 as our share of a $10,000,000.00 reconstruction Project at our MOOSEHAVEN SENIOR’S CAMPUS located in Orange Park, Florida.                                     .


The Campus area involved was originally built as a Residential unit in 1952 and converted to a Sports Complex in 1966. Initial thinking was to renovate the 73 year old building again.  However, after the age of the existing Facility and the need for additional space for the Complex, the original plan was not seen to be feasible.

Included in the new expanded Project are an indoor Therapeutic Pool with an adjacent Fire Pit and Patio Outdoor Area.  There will also be a Four (4) Lane Bowling Alley and areas for Shuffleboard, Billiards, Darts, Cards, a Beverage Bar and a TIKI Bar.  The Complex will also include an 80 ft. x 100 ft. pavilion overlooking the St. Johns River.


In addition to the above information there are additional postings on the CNMA SPECIAL PROJECTS WEBSITE pertaining to the following:

  • The Committee’s Mission Statement
  • Goals and Methods we plan to follow to help you achieve and complete a successful program
  • A page on the Projects Awards Program
  • A Project Spreadsheet Guide to help know how to evaluate your and others progress so you can plan, achieve your short and long term goals and bring the Project to a successful conclusion

The Committee, as we have in the past, would also take this opportunity to invite: The WOTM Chapters, other WOTM Activity functions; and The Moose Legion Jurisdictions, to participate in our Awards Program.


It is our plan to continue our current TOP DONOR AWARD PROGRAM; wherein the Top Donor in each of the following Moose Groups will receive a Plaque:

  • Council of Higher Degree
  • District
  • Lodge
  • Individual
  • Activity Group
  • Chapter
  • Moose Legion Jurisdiction

From that Group the one with the largest Donation receives the CNMA TOP DONOR AWARD for that year. We will also continue presenting to any entity or Individual who achieves the Donation Level 5 of $4,200.00 or more a Plaque.


We remind you that all Donation Checks are to be made to Moose Charities and have CNMA MAAAP placed in the Check Memo area so your donation will be appropriately credited to the account of the donating entity or Individual. The check should be addressed and mailed to Moose Charities, 155 S. International Drive, Mooseheart, IL. 60539-1100. [COMPLETE AND CORRECT ZIP CODE REQUIRED FOR ACCURATE DELIVERY]


We thank you for your past participation in our Fundraising endeavors. If you have Questions or Problems, please do not hesitate to contact anyone on our Committee for assistance.


You’re A to Z CNMA Special Projects Committee: Bob Bakman Sub Committee Chair, Mark Dickey, Dave Emig, Jason Evans CNMA Moose Charities Committee Chair, Bill Farley, Norrie Gardiner, Skip Goldberg, John Hughes, Russ Nelson, Tony Padayao, Michael Stadnick Jr., Leonard Vyfvinkel, Byron Wilkes, and Joe Zinkus