Special Projects Committee Mission Statement



To fulfill our responsibilities of a commitment made in September 2022 to Moose Charities by the California/Nevada Moose Association, Inc.; to raise and donate a minimum of $200,000.00 to be used for the Renovations, Construction, and Repurposing of the area of the Moosehaven Campus designated as the “AAA Project” This fundraising effort is our part of an overall 10 million dollar project to improve the Healthcare, Recreational Activities, Living Conditions and Quality of Life for our Moosehaven Senior Residents.



  1. Within 3 years raise the funds necessary to complete the minimum Commitment.
  2. Bring a sense of awareness and urgency to every Association Fraternal Unit of their responsibility to meet their obligation of a minimum donation of $350.00 per year.
  3. Invite all other Fraternal Units located within the Nevada/California borders to join with and assist the Association to meet or exceed the goal by participating in our Awards Program.
  4. Invite and encourage Individual Members to participate in our Awards Program or by donating whatever they can to help reach our ASSOCIATION Goals.
  5. Encourage participants to donate towards meeting each Award Level and then reach the next higher commitment level. One step toward helping reach the GOAL is better than none.



  1. By encouraging fundraising activities by all FRU’s, Activity Groups and Committees at all levels within the Fraternity Family.
  2. By providing fundraising ideas and other forms of support upon request.
  3. By using all means available to us to communicate information about the importance of this Project to all Fraternal Units, Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals.
  4. By establishing and providing information about the existence of the Awards program, its levels and availability to all FRU’s, Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals within or outside of the California/Nevada Association Boundaries.
  5. By communicating directly, through others or both with CMNA FRU’s not meeting minimum donation expectations.
  6. By providing periodic reports indicating the achievement level of all Fraternal Units, Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals; as well as where we stand relative to achieving ASSOCIATION Goal.

11/20/2022 (rev)