Training Coordinator Message

The time has finally arrived for you to get scheduled for a 2 Section Hands On Training session otherwise known as 2 HOTT. Classes are being scheduled and posted to the California Nevada Moose Association (CNMA) Website, > CNMA Education. The cost remains the same at $35 per student. Remember you must bring your own laptop to the session in order to run the training scenarios provided on a USB Drive. Do not bring a MAC or a ChromeBook which requires access to the internet.

Please check with the instructor prior to attending the session to ensure that

you have the proper equipment to successfully complete the training.


For Chapter Treasurers working for their Star Degree, it is extremely important that you attend a session as soon as you can to ensure you get credit for attendance for earning your degree. The deadline is April 30, 2023. There is no online training available at this time and it is not known if it will be offered before the above deadline so please do your best to find and attend a session. Our dedicated technical training team is doing their best to get sessions scheduled throughout our Association. Be sure to thank them by following the new registration process provided below.


An online registration form has been created and is now available on the CNMA Education page of the CNMA Website. All students interested in attending a session are required to pre-register online using the provided link. For now, our preferred method of payment is a debit or credit card which can be completed using the online form. If a check is issued it will need to be annotated on the registration form and then mailed directly to the Association using the address found on the Secretary page of the CNMA Website and annotated on the registration form. Payment can be made at the training session as a last resort, but that is not the best way to guarantee a spot will be held for you to attend the published session. Pre-registering must occur so the Instructor can

properly prepare and ensure that enough materials are brought for all students planning to attend.  Your cooperation is very much appreciated by your Training Team!


A successful Administrator School was held at the Ventura Moose Lodge 1394 on Saturday January 21st and Sunday January 22nd. It was our first time presenting the new updated materials and we were lucky to have Liaison Mo Khan and Territory Manager John Damasio in attendance to assist with questions. TM Mo also assisted with opening and viewing the materials provided on a USB drive and helping the students to complete all the exercises. All students attending the Administrator School are provided with a USB drive with a tremendous amount of resource materials they can use for future reference including cost calculators; sample legal documents; weekly spreadsheets; standard operating procedure guides; meeting templates; HR Guides; etc. Our student evaluations indicated that the students were happy with what was provided and the interaction amongst all the students was invaluable. We highly recommend that all Administrators take this training to get up to date on the latest changes (we hate to use the word mandatory, but it kind of is a part of your requirements). Administrators will be given priority but certainly others are welcome to attend. The information presented should be of interest to all Lodge Officers and



As a reminder all Administrators will now be REQUIRED to attend an in person training session and there is no online training available to meet the required training for remaining in the Administrator position. Classes are being scheduled throughout our Association by our team of dedicated Administrator School trainers so schedule a session when it is offered in your area and make it a priority to attend. The cost is $100 which includes materials and your meals. Check the CNMA Website > CNMA Education offer to see when and where a session is available for you to attend. Follow the pre-registration instructions provided above to register as soon as you can to guarantee a seat for this training.


WOTM Training sessions for the 2023 – 2024 fraternal unit year are being scheduled and posted to the CNMA Website under CNMA Education. A session is also being offered at the upcoming Mid-Year Conference on Thursday March 23rd. Be sure to follow the directions and register for the session you wish to attend. As always your POC is Chapter Advocate Cindy Raslavsky at


Do not forget about all the procedures and other valuable information that is available on the CNMA website under the LCL/QBO Procedures section of the CNMA website. These procedures have been developed to help all fraternal units with day-to-day operations and tasks.  Many are links to the Moose International website documents so we consider this section to be the best place to go to get the latest and greatest step-by-step procedures for LCL Web and QuickBooks online. Also available are Moose Procedures, Misc Procedures, WOTM Procedures, and Tax Procedures.


The CNMA Education section of the CNMA Website has a Training Calendar that lists all currently scheduled classes, a clickable link to the Class Registration form as well as a listing of all CNMA Trainers, some specific Training Information and a password protected CNMA Trainers Only area used by all CNMA Trainers for scheduling training sessions.


For those of you who have NOT completed your required IRS Form 990 and/or CA 199 Deborah Story is anxiously awaiting assistance from you to get those documents completed for the last fraternal unit year. Those who filed for an extension have until March 15th to get those documents completed and submitted. However, Deborah would like you to get them completed weeks before this extension deadline so please get with Deborah ASAP and get the documents filed. Lack of filing can be very costly for a Lodge, Chapter or Moose Legion. Remember that after three years a unit can lose its tax-exempt status and it is costly and time consuming to try and get it back. So please do not hesitate to ask Deborah for assistance. She can be reached at 310-704-

7669 or


As always, all your CNMA trainers (Technical, MLEC, Lodge Leadership & Administrator School) are here to assist you in any way they can or to provide some one-on-one assistance.


Cheryl D. Volden
CNMA Training Coordinator
(805) 338-1305