Training Coordinator Message

We have lots of exciting news to share regarding changes in Moose Training. We completed our very first virtual Administrator School on January 27th & 28th. There were 17 students in attendance and their evaluations say it was a great class and definitely a valuable source for Administrators and their assistants. The plan is to have this training offered once per month by three teams consisting of three dedicated Administrator School instructors. Right now, another session is being offered on March 16th and 17th. Only twenty students can attend each session, so it is advisable to register early!


We have started work on a virtual version of the 2 HOTT and the dedicated team working on that training is excited about being able to offer it in a virtual environment using Adobe Connect. There are still some adjustments that will need to be made in the software so we do not have a date of when that will be available, and we will keep you posted on our progress.


We also have a dedicated team working on an Advanced 2 HOTT session for those individuals who have already attended a Basic 2 HOTT and want or need to have a more advanced session for a variety of reasons.


In the California Nevada Moose Association, we are excited to offer both classroom and virtual sessions. On April 26 we will offer a 2 HOTT session in the middle of our state in Bakersfield, CA at the Stockdale Lodge. On April 27th and 28th we will offer an in classroom session in the same location. So, if you need both sessions you can get them both accomplished with a single visit to exciting Bakersfield CA home of the Stockdale Moose Lodge 2178.


We need all students to understand how important it is for you to register online and pay upon registering so that we can adequately plan for the training sessions. Your dedicated instructors spend many hours preparing for a session; having assistants join them to ensure that they have adequate coverage for the number of students who have registered; and ordering materials based on registrations which is costly. If you cannot attend it is very important to let the instructor know. Sometimes we have such a need that we have to create a waiting list. We cannot let someone know that they can attend if we do not get notified that an existing registered student has changed their minds. With the virtual sessions this is even more critical because we cannot allow more than 20 students due to restrictions in the software. Recently I not only emailed each student a week prior to the session but called four days before the session. I had a waitlist and wanted to get those students in the session if at all possible. Having received no response, I called each student. One stated that they were on vacation! Two others did not respond but called the morning of the class to let me know that they did not have the link to the class (one called 1 hour and 15 minutes after the class had started). Being a virtual session, the one student was turned away because 1 hour and 15 minutes into the class it was too late for her to get credit. Bottom line is that there were waitlisted students who missed out because the registered students did not answer the email or make a call. So please be kind to our instructors and remember to keep them informed and pay when registering.


Always remember that your dedicated training team is here to help whenever needed. We are all just a call or email away! Check the CNMA Education page often to see what is being offered or to find contact information. Thanks for all you do!

Cheryl D. Volden
CNMA Training Coordinator
(805) 338-1305