CNMA Training Information

CNMA Training Information

Moose Required Training
Training Requirements for The Moose, Moose Legion, and Women of the Moose

Training for Prevention


CONGRATULATIONS TO THOSE MOOSE LODGES throughout the Fraternity for your earnest efforts to comply with the Alcohol Server Training Program. The effort put forth by all will be both impressive and advantageous when insurance renewal occurs at the beginning of each fiscal year.  It must be the commitment of the entire Fraternity to make sure that all Servers are trained when serving alcohol in the Lodge Social Quarters as we go forward.


The Chief Compliance Office would like to remind Administrators to be aware of the expiration date on their Servers Certification Card, which they receive after completing their training.  It is critical that Administrators keep track of expired cards because it could affect the entire Risk Pool program if an incident occurs with an untrained Server.  It is therefore important to make sure that copies of all Server cards be kept in the Lodge office in the event that they need to be produced at any point time.  As a Fraternity, we have made a commitment under our Risk Pool Insurance to comply with this program and the Risk Management Department thanks all the Lodges who have done so.



Alcohol Server Training: Now a mandatory Lodge training program for all Servers. Regardless of whatever program is used, Server must be re-certified within 3 years from the date of their original training.


Kitchen Training: Thorough training instruction should be given to any person, paid or volunteer on all kitchen equipment and appliances and no Lodge should allow minor children to work in their kitchen at any time.


Heavy lifting: Proper lifting techniques are also very important because injuries from improper lifting happen frequently when employees/volunteers lift items beyond their capability and do not take time to ask for help.


Hazardous Material/Chemicals: This includes flammable substances such as propane, paint, gasoline, and heating oil. Other items could also be cleaning substances that could be toxic or harmful to breath or cause a skin rash. Training and instruction should be done for all employees regarding the dangers of these substances.

Training Matters

The Continuous Accident Prevention Manual is a valuable resource in assisting our units with accident prevention.