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When a service member dies on active duty or a veteran dies of a service-connected medical condition, or a service-connected medical condition was a major factor in the death, the surviving spouse is eligible for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC). The two major exceptions to this rule are if the veteran is rated 100 per-cent disabled for at least 10 years or is an ex-POW, was rated 100 percent for one year, then the surviving spouse is also eligible for DIC regardless of the cause of the veteran’s death. Service-connected means the disability happened while in the military or something that was made worse because of that service. Surviving spouse means married to the service member or veteran at the time of death. If the surviving spouse remarries prior to age 57, DIC is stopped. The 2022 DIC payment rate is $1,233.23 per month. Medical care will continue for surviving spouses of retired veterans. Other benefits, including education and a property tax break, may be available depending on each situation. For each dependent child, an additional $305.52 per month is available. There is no time limit to apply for this benefit. disabilgs2302C