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● When we want to develop and create a program, we generally desire help with publicity from local television and radio stations; but we too often forget about all the information outlets available
and at our disposal like newspapers, magazines, area newsletters and especially the range of digital social media outlets.

● But we need to understand that they all know that THEY need US! Yes, they desperately NEED content to advance their own interests and income. And getting their support is actually easier
than we would imagine because they need content that will draw and hold the attention of their consumers.
● Remember that they need new and compelling information that will draw eyes and attention; and that means that WE must meet two essential elements: 1) provide enough information and detail to draw or ‘demand’ attention, and 2) provide it in a dynamic manner and tone of urgency that creates excitement and interest.

● That means that WHAT we say as well as HOW we say it is critically important; and that “Words DO matter!”
● With that said, remember that you absolutely MUST provide the very BASIC elements of every NEWS RELEASE. It is always fundamental to provide in adequate detail, the minimum elements and basic 6 components: 1) WHAT, 2) WHERE, 3) WHY, 4) Who, 5) When and 6) What is the cost? If they have to reach you for information, you will often be responsible for the failure.

● LESSON: “It’s not only WHAT you say, but HOW you say it! They will get to know you and learn to respond to a good source!

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