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Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 International Youth Awareness Congress!

1st Place: Cheyenne Estep, Virginia

2nd Place: Landon Wilson, Georgia

3rd Place: Karina Haddad, California sponsored by the Sunnyvale Lodge

4th Place: Haley Campbell, Massachusetts

5th Place: Ryland Holland, Washington

Kathy Child’s meet the students from the north at San Jose Airport.

I meet the students from the south at Long Beach Airport.

All the students had a great time at the International Congress! It was fun visiting with the girls and hearing about their trip.

I wish everyone could hear the students speak about their experiences! Youth Awareness is an amazing program!

Youth Awareness Contacts

Bridget Robinson 714-394-4910
Fred Reichelt 510-507-4654
Lynda (Lynn) McDonald 916-852-8628
Kathy Childs

Janie Budy 661-599-5887

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