Membership Retention

I hope all Lodges are doing well. The year is getting towards the end and everyone should be focused on getting their Plus One.


With that being said please make sure you are working your expired and dropped lists.  Call your members who have expired or are about to expire. You can even try to have FUN with it and try different activities (like opportunity drawings, membership drives, etc.) to help motivate members to renew, or even a FUN contest among your officers to see who can call the most members and encourage them to renew.


Remember another tool, that hopefully all Lodges are utilizing, is their Council of Higher Degrees.  They are a great team and there to help the Lodges with their retention needs, including contacting members that need to renew their dues. Reach out to me if you are not sure who to contact from your local Higher Degrees Council.


It is important to remember that the April members who expire on April 30th DO NOT count against this membership year, but will impact your May membership if they do not pay before that date.


We need to be working membership retention all year long instead of in the last month of the year.  Unfortunately, far too often we miss our goals because we wait till the last minute to take action.  If we call our members who are expired or expiring every month we can stay ahead on membership.


How many of our Lodges, Chapters and Moose Legions are taking advantage of the Monthly Expired Member Kit provided by Moose International’s Membership Department?  What about the Member Retention Kit that is also provided?  Do you have an active Membership Chairman in your unit that works membership every day, week, month?  If you do not, why not?  Hopefully, it is not someone on your Lodge, Chapter, or Moose Legion Board of Officers?  It should be someone who is dedicated to retaining our members by using the tools provided; engaging others in the unit to help work retention each and every day.  If we are not utilizing the tools provided to us – how are we going to be successful?  Remember Together Everyone Achieves More – Teamwork.  And there is no I in we – it takes a TEAM of members working together or achieve our goals.


Again, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need any help with your Retention needs.

Thank you,
Chris Pena
Membership Retention Chairman
(916) 802-3764