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Youth Awareness Report
Fred Reichelt

Reichelt, Fred 2013 YA              Youth Awareness Winners
      California North and Parump, Nevada

Greetings all

The 2015- 16 Youth Awareness Year has come to a close but not an end. It is my pleasure to introduce the winners California North. Please welcome returning winners Nathan Crevoiserat and Brandon Stubbs.Both of these young men have worked very hard and made many changes to their “Talks” to be our representatives to the Youth Conference in Williamsburg Va.

Grass Valley, Califdornia
My name is Nathaniel Crevoiserat. I am eighteen years old, live in Grass Valley, California, and am a
senior in high school. I have a love of science and its role in understanding, evaluating, and interpreting environmental realities and the impact of our choices. I will attend college next year to study mechanical engineering and industrial design in hopes of someday using my knowledge to create solutions that will manage or mitigate environmental problems. I was fourteen years old when I first got involved in the Moose Youth Awareness program. I have participated four times, given fourteen presentations, and touched the lives of over 280 kids in my community. Originally, I presented on the importance of good nutrition and more recently I concentrated on introducing kindergarteners to the curiosities of science. I have dressed as a detective and helped kids use their five senses to solve a mystery. I have also been a scientist, lab coat and goggles included, and showed fascinating experiments to capture the kids’ imaginations and inspire them to ask questions about their surroundings.My favorite part of presenting to these kids is their smiles, eagerness to learn, and pure joy upon discovering something new. The Moose Youth Awareness program has given me the opportunity to share my passion for science. I hope that my enthusiasm has inspired healthy choices and perhaps even an interest in pursuing an education in science.

2 copyMy name is Brandon Stubbs and I am presently a senior at Ghidotti Early College High School. My passions are diverse, ranging from biking to acting to writing, but my attention is chiefly devoted to the pursuit of archaeology, a field I intend to major and work in, and music, a lifelong hobby and creative outlet. For seven years now I have avidly played the trumpet, and I love sharing this

passion with others. This enthusiasm for music I brought to my “kids talks,” wherein I encouraged young students to pursue music in their future. Not only do I know from experience that music has a profound positive affect on musicians’ mental states, but it is also scientifically proven to increase school participation and success. By exposing students to music at a young age, who otherwise may not have even considered the idea, I hope to open their eyes to the possibilities school and private band programs can provide, even in this age of deteriorating interest for instrumental music and harsh budget cuts to music programs. Our group was small this year but very dedicated; our students completed over 220 kids talks. I would like to recognize a first time participant Yamini Adusumelli who did a fantastic job her first year and can’t wait to participate next year. She brought some new ideas to the table. Special thanks to the Coordinators who worked so hard this year and are as follows: Kathy Childs Sunnyvale Lodge, Don Allen Fairfield Lodge, Richmond Lodge, and WOTM COORD Lynn McDonald Rancho Cordova Lodge, and the Grass Valley Moose lodge. The Youth Awareness program is a Win Win program for students, Communities, and our Moose Lodges. Thank you all for supporting this great program.

Fred Reichelt, Youth Awareness Coordinator North and State Chairman North. It’s about the Kids.

My name is Courtney Rohleder and I am a senior at Pahrump Valley High School. I plan to go to college and receive my undergraduate in Political Science and then continue on to law school to become a lawyer. I love music and I enjoy playing the ukulele. I first played the ukulele in fifth grade and still play to this day. Some of my more enjoyable activities I do are helping people and volunteering in my community. My favorite way to volunteer is helping the children at my church. It is important to me to make a difference in the world by reaching out to those around me. I like to offer a helping hand to those in need and to give back to others.




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