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Mooseheart Child City SchoolMOOSEHEART CHILD CITY & SCHOOL is a residential childcare facility, located on a 1,000-acre campus 38 miles west of Chicago. The Child City is a home for children and teens in need, from infancy through high school. Dedicated in July 1913 by the Moose fraternal organization, MOOSEHEART cares for youth whose families are unable, for a wide variety of reasons, to care for them. Some have lost one or both parents; others are living in environments that are simply not conducive to healthy growth and development. Whatever the reason, the men and women of the Moose, through unparalleled generosity and volunteerism, furnish the resources necessary to care for children in need. The Moose fraternity provides children with a wholesome home-like environment and the best possible training and education.

Children live in one of thirty residences designed like a spacious single-family residence. Each is home for six to twelve children. The heart of the program is Family Teachers providing a consistent, systematic method of care, with emphasis on social-skills development skills - essential for success in later life.

It is Mooseheart’s policy to admit qualified children who have a need. The Admissions Committee considers all applications of children in need.

It seems sometimes that our members get the wrong idea about the children who come to live at Mooseheart. We’ve heard comments from visiting Moose men and women essentially voicing the impression that the younger ones must have serious emotional problems, or that the older ones must have been in trouble with the law, or some such.

The facts are quite different. The vast majority of the 200 to 250 youngsters who live at Mooseheart at any one time are developing quite normally - they just found themselves, through no fault of their own, in a home that couldn’t meet their needs - where the mother or father may be having financial or personal problems severe enough to prevent them from serving as a responsible caregiver; or often, where aging grandparents have stepped in as guardians and feel overwhelmed by how taxing it is, physically of financially, to rear their grandchildren.

Probably most of you, in your own hometowns, have run across a family in such a situation - a situation where you’ve winced and said to yourself, “Boy, if I could just take that child home with me, he (or she) would be fine.


Moose Charities is a 501 (C)(3) Your donation helps us continue our work in helping children and is tax deductible to the extend allowed by law.


It’s our duty - and privilege - as Moose to always be on the lookout for young people whom Mooseheart could help.
If you think you know one now, or you’d just like more information, We invite you to look over our website and if we can be of assistance to you or someone you know, please contact us at the Admissions Office
Admissions Director Kyle Rife at 630-906-3631
Visit: Mooseheart The Child City Website

What Does Our Support To Mooseheart Do For The Kids?

Mooseheart Child City

The story of one of our own students after leaving Mooseheart.

California-Nevada Children at Mooseheart

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Serrano, Raphael David 2012

Raphael David Serrano
Big Bear #2085
Birthday: 2-21-97
Arrived: 4-29-08

Estes, Cory 2012

Corey James Estes
China Lake #258
Arrived: 6-23-11

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Surley You Know Some Child That Could Benefit From Mooseheart!

"At each convention and Mid-year, I have given a report that we are not doing our job getting children from CA/NV.  It seem the members are listening but nothing changes.   They are filling Mooseheart with children from Chicago and Illinois - thank goodness.  But we should change that and send more children from our two states.  We are working our way down to NONE from here. We only 2 left at Mooseheart.
Blackie Veach

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MOOSEHEART “It’s All About The Kids!”
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Please Take The Time To Send Cards To The Children On Birthday’s And Holiday’s- Let Then Know ”WE CARE!
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When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking!

Each of us (Parent, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, Teacher, Friend, Moose member), influences the life of a child.
Over the years, we as members of the Loyal Order Of Moose and members of the Women Of The Moose, have influenced the lives of thousands of children.
Before Mooseheart, the eyes of these children saw broken homes, parents who did not care for them, drug/alcohol abuse by their parents, the loss of their Mother and/or Father, or their Grandparents struggling to care for and watch over them.
Then to the eyes of these children came the miracle of being embraced within the Mooseheart environment; where they see all of the good things, when we thought they weren’t looking.
This is dedicated to all of the people I know who do so much for others, but think that no one ever sees. Little eyes see a lot.
How will you touch the life of a child today? My Brothers and Sisters, you already have...
Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.      Click A Must Read
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Please forward this to all your contacts. It can truly make a difference for our Mooseheart School.

Know a child that needs our help?
Need information on Admissions or other questions answered?
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