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Thompson, Bill

California/Nevada Moose Association
Moose Charities Committee
Bill Thompson, Chairman

Larry Salem, Bob Bakman, Russ Nelson, Michael Martin, Charles Barber and Leonard Chapman

Poster (3)Our Goal
To provide the necessary resources for the continued support and maintenance of the Mooseheart Child City and School and the Moosehaven retirement community.

Dear Governors,
Please kindly send me an email listing your Moose Charities Chairman for the Lodge and an email address.

We have an outstanding opportunity to help fund the much-needed renovation of our Mooseheart School. For the first (and likely only) time – we can each become an honorary member of Mooseheart’s Senior Class of 2013 – Honor Student, Honorary Salutatorian or Honorary Valedictorian. We invite you to enroll Today!  Please remind your members that the enrollment form must be filled out by the individual or in honor of a living individual.

We are asking for your help to ensure your Lodge is meeting its endowment fund obligations. Last year over one third of the Lodges in CA/NV failed to send in their endowments within 15 days of the end of the month. That hurt the Governor, their Lodge and the kids and seniors we swore an oath to support. We are striving for 100% compliance as our children and seniors are counting on us to meet our obligation.   Click Here For All Information     Click Here For Poster

Rocker Endowment Fundraiser In Honor Of Our Seniors
We Have Been Challenged By WOTM

Rocker-Granny 1Cradle - Red Moose CharitiesWe have been challenged by the CA/NV WOTM to see who can raise more money for the Rocker Fund in Feb in honor of our Seniors.
So please put your hearts into this and ask our members to give generously in honor of this worthy cause, our seniors at Moosehaven.
Please plaster a wall with Rockers and take a picture or two! Have some fun with this and show some spirit for a great cause! 
With all the functions going on at Lodges this month wouldn't it be a great opportunity to encourage our members to donate to this great fundraiser? Lodges should be making the Rocker Fund signature cards available to their members and guests, and give them an opportunity to donate to this worthy cause. All it takes is a simple request from officers, members and drink servers.
PLEASE help make this years Rocker Fundraiser the best ever!  The WOTM will be presenting the CA/NV men with a Golden Oscar Trophy if we can make this happen at the March convention. So jump on board and get involved.
Yours fraternally,
Bill ThompsonMoose Charities Chairman
(530) 713-8874

Message From CNMA Moose Charities Chairman

Dear Governors & Lodge Moose Charities Chairman

Every Lodge should have received the Moose Cradle Fundraiser Official Communication full of important information but I have included the pertinent information as an attachment if needed. Hopefully you have used the time to plan and coordinate in order to have a great fundraising month for the kids. But, it is never too late to start planning, motivating and engaging others to help in honor of our Founders Day.  It kicks off on Tuesday, 1 Oct 2013 and that is just a few days away.

If you have not already please put a team together to ask your members to participate. It is as simple as that but you have to ask… If I can help in anyway please let me know and thank you for stepping up! Below are the:

Cradle - Red Moose Charities
Steps to a successful Cradle Fundraiser Event.
CLICK For All Information

Increase your Endowment Fund collections in the month of October by participating in the Cradle Fundraiser in your Social Quarters.
Communicate the needThe Endowment Fund secures the future of Mooseheart & Moosehaven.Every dollar counts towards the overall goal and assists the Lodge/Chapter in their goals.

Educate staff and volunteers
By sharing the instructions with everyone who may be involved in collecting the money and displaying the cradles during the month of October.  Post last year’s level of participation and challenge everyone to a new goal.
Ask – Ask – Ask everyone who enters the social quarters to participateThe Cradle Fundraiser is an opportunity to easily raise Endowment Fund collections in the social quarters.

Be creative
Create a competition in the Social QuartersCopy the cradles in different colors Men vs. women, Etc.

Recognize donors by posting the cradles in a prominent location

Bill Thompson, CNMA Moose Charities Chairman( 530) 713-8874

Moose Charities Request For Governor’s

Dear Governor’s
Please take a moment to read the information below and that is attached which has information to help you have a successful year.
Request For Governor’s    Donor’s Circle     Veteran’s Walk Enrollment Form     Donor’s Circle Brochure Updated (Opens Slowly)

Moose Charities Info Header
Moose Charities Annual Report September 2015
Moose Charities New Governor Year 2016


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