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Boardley, Andrew 2012

Andrew T Boardley Jr
Association President


Message From The President

Unity with our Moose Legion, Council of Higher Degrees, Fellowship and Pilgrim members.

Pride we have of belonging to the greatest Fraternity in the world,

I also would like to welcome to our association new lodges Carson City lodge # 2709 and Sparks lodge # 2710.

A big thank you to Past CNMA President Henry Weaver the Executive Board and the Territorial Mangers for their help in instituting  these Lodges and we all welcome our new members.

I look forward to visiting with you all and I’m just a phone call or E-mail  away.

Again I thank you humbly for the honor you have bestowed on me.

Andrew Boardley Jr
CNMA President 

Andrew T. Boardley Jr
Association President
Tel: 916-363-8302

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Hello all!.

Our 82nd annual CNMA  Convention is now history and a new Executive  Board of Officers, District Presidents, Secretaries and Committee men have been elected by our membership to serve the finest Association in the Loyal Order of Moose.

I like to humbly thank you for electing me to be your President for the 2015/2016 year.

I know with All your help that we as an Association will meet all our goals and obligations.
      1. To support Mooseheart
      2. To  support Moosehaven
      3. Support our Communities
      4. Increase our membership.

In conjunction with the International Moose membership campaign. “Build Our Foundation” outlined by our Director General Scott Hart.

The California/Nevada Moose Association campaign is “ CNMA Moose Foundation Pillars”.
       1 Communication   

If you sponsor 5 members you will receive a coffee cup showcasing our communication with our WOTM and LOOM members.

Andrew T Boardley Jr  Resume

Professional Achievements
Enrolled Rancho Cordova Moose Lodge #2357, 07/22/1991 
Enrolled Mighty 190 Moose legion, 01/12/1991
Fellowship Degree of Honor, 05/31/1999
Pilgrim Degree of Merit, 05/31/2014
25 membership Club, 05/22/2007
Mighty 190 Moose legion Ritual Team, 1999-2001
Life member California North State Council of Higher Degrees.
Lodge merit award certificate 3rd year trustee 1995-1996
Lodge merit award certificate Prelate 1997-1998
Moose international Moose legion key Club 2000-2001
Moose Family Activities Chairman, 1992-1993 and 2008-2009

Field or Area of Accomplishment]
Governor Rancho Cordova Moose lodge # 2357, 2002-2003
President Sacramento Valley Moose District 4,2005-2006
Secretary Sacramento Valley Moose District 4, 2008-2012
California/ Nevada Deputy Supreme Governor , 2011-2012
California/ Nevada Moose Association Vice President 2014-2015
California / Nevada Moose Association Prelate 2013-2014
California/ Nevada Moose Association Treasurer 2012-2013
Served in the United States Air Force 1973-1993, retired rank of E-6.
Worked for California Franchise Tax Board 1994-2015, retired Customer Service Specialist.
Graduated from Snyder High School Jersey City New Jersey 1971
Completed 2 years attending Virginia State College Petersburg Virginia, 1971-1973 majoring in Political Science.
Member of the 323rd Civil Engineering Squadron Top Four Enlisted Council, which advised the Squadron Commander on Enlisted matters.
Toastmasters International E-Z Speakers Club # 2629
Sergeant at Arms California North State Council of Higher degrees president 2006-2007

Completed Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership program, 05/28/2002
Moose International leadership training program, 1996.
Moose International Administrator training Program, 2002. 

Important Information From The President

Hi Brother & Sisters
Pool MooseHere is info on the 1st Annual CNMA Pool Tournament, Thanks to CNMA Secretary Fred Reichelt, the tournament bracket is in the Mid Year Information & Committee report booklet.

District Presidents, District Secretaries, Council of Higher Degrees Presidents & Secretaries, Moose Legion Presidents & Secretaries, WOTM Senior Regents, Lodge Governors, Moose Legion Ambassadors, Deputy Grand Regents, Deputy Supreme Governors and all others who I may have forgotten to address please forward this information to ALL Moose members at your meetings or during your travels to any lodges & Chapters..

We want maximum participation.

Also those Fraternal units who have websites or newsletters such as District 4, Mighty 190, Council of Higher Degrees.........etc

Please post.

District Presidents you & your Secretaries will have to have a playoff between lodges in your District to determine what Lodge will represent your District in the pool Tournament, only one team per District.

Thank you all for your support

Andrew Boardley Jr
CNMA President


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