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Joe Rigazio
Association President


I joined the Moose Fraternity in 1990 into the Campbell Moose Lodge. I am a 25 club member in the 75 division with 88 members signed. I received my Fellowship Degree in 2005 and my Pilgrim Degree in 2015 and Ca/Nv Association President in 2017.

While at the Campbell Lodge for 17 years I was: An Officer for 16 years, Rookie of the year, Moose of the year, Legionnaire of the year, Bartender, Bingo worker and chief cook and bottle washer. While part of District 10, I was a District President for 2 years and for the Moose Legion # 10, I was an officer for 3 years.

Transferred to Fernley Moose Lodge in 2007 with the thought of retiring and taking it a bit easier so I was an Officer for 7 more years, the Moose Legion Officer for 5 more years, Sports Chairman, Moose Legion Chairman, Community Service Chairman and Youth Awareness Chairman.

Since 2005, I have been part of the California/Nevada Moose State Association, on Credentials 1year, Inner Guard for 2 years and Sargent at Arms for 6 years and Executive Board for 4 years now. In 2011 I was appointed International Moose Youth Awareness Coordinator for the state of Nevada, In 2012 I was appointed Moose Legion Ambassador, In 2013 I was appointed Deputy Supreme Governor and 2017 your Ca/Nv Moose President.

Since 1990, I have fully believed in the principals of the Loyal order or the Moose while enjoying the Fraternalism of the LOOM and WOTM. The friendships that my family and myself have enjoyed have never been forgotten and never will. This ensuing year I will be visiting many Lodges in my travels and hope to meet many more friends while pushing for an increased Membership and Retention in our Fraternity.


Joe Rigazio

Ca/Nv Association President


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