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May Our Departed Brothers And Sisters Rest In Peace. . .
They Will Be Missed By All!

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Departed California & Nevada Pilgrims

Pilgrim Lewis F. Calhoun from lodge #1788 passed away on January 13, 2019 at Bullhead City, AZ. His pilgrim conferral date was May 25, 2002 per our records. Further information will be provided later when we are advised by the family or lodge. Please remember the family in your prayers and support at this time of year.

Pilgrim Elzie "Blackie" Veach passed away December 16. The service is now planned to be held at the Fresno Moose Lodge on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 1:00 PM. The Fresno Moose Lodge is located at 5025 E. Dakota Avenue in Fresno. The lodge phone number is: 559-294-8268. A light lunch will be provided by the lodge following the memorial service.  Our sincere sympathy to his wife, Carol and the family.

Pilgrim Ronald Schetgen passed away on November 30, 2018. The family has requested we hold a Moose Memorial Service in his honor on Saturday, January 19, 2019 at noon at the Sunnyvale Moose lodge. Degree holders are requested to wear their proper apparel for this service.  The lodge phone # is: 408-735-1377. A light lunch will be provided by the lodge following the service.

 Pilgrim Dean Woods passed away on November 21.  Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. Memorial Sevice will be on December 16th at 2pm in the Folsom Lodge .

Pilgrim Harry Goldberg from the Yuba City Lodge passed away on November 4, 2018. The memorial service will be on Dec 8th at 11:00 in the Yuba City Lodge.  Please remember Brother Goldberg and his family during this difficult time. 

Pilgrim Malcom Cornett from the Ventura Lodge passed away on Tuesday, November 6th. Further information will be forward when received from the family and lodge on any planned services. Please remember Pilgrim Cornett and his family during this difficult time.

Pilgrim Andy Higgins passed away Tuesday, October 2nd in the morning. Pilgrim Andy received his Pilgrim Degree on June 4, 2016.  He was a member of Tracy Lodge and Hesperian Moose Legion.
Pilgrim Howard Hesketh passed away July 22nd.  Howard received his Pilgrim Degree May 28, 1994.  He was a member of San Jose Lodge
Pilgrim Roy Havens passed away on 2 March 2018 after a long illness.  His wife, Bess, has family with her.  Pilgrim Roy was a member of Victor Valley 1808 and Moose Legion 167.  He received his Pilgrim Degree on May 30, 1998.

Pilgrim Frank Alu passed away Saturday, January 13th.  Pilgrim Alu was a member of Red Rock Lodge and was conferred May 27, 2000


This is to inform you of a recent change in the  CNMA field support staff in regards to our Pilgrim brothers. Pilgrim Blackie Beach and his wife, Carol have provided this support for a long period of time. We all want to thank them for the great job that they have done.
This committee rep is the primary contact for you to report any pilgrim illness and more importantly, the passing of a pilgrim. We will then coordinate with the family and local lodge reps to handle any requested memorial services or other needs. Thanks in advance for your valued support in the future.
Contact info: Robert Sypnieski.
530 718-0857.

Names of Pilgrims that have departed will be added as received.
Need Name, Lodge and Date Departed.  Send information to WebMaster


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Departed California & Nevada Fellows
The Year 2019
 Fellow Abel Soares passed on Saturday January 5th 2019

The Year Of 2018
Fellow Dan Leary passed July 4th. He was a Fellow since 1999 and 3 time Governor Ebbetts Pass
Fellow George R. Webb, Sr. passed Apri 9
Fellow William McClure of Ebbetts Pass #1123, passed away suddenly Feb 16th
Fellow Ray Zanini ( The little winemaker) of Folsom 2009 and Fiddletown 1762 passed in March.
Fellow Fortunato "Frank" Rubino passed Feb 16

The Year Of 2017
Fellew Ed Davis of Yuba City Lodge passed
Fellow Wayne (Smitty) Smith of Yuba City and Olivehurst Lodges passed
Fellow Jim Shinar of Anderson Lodge passed

Fellow John Ehly of Red Bluff Lodge Passed


Names of Fellows that have departed will be added as received.
Need Name, Lodge and Date Departed.  Send information to


Departed College of Regents & Star Recorders of California & Nevada


The Year Of

Carla Gilmour  passed away June 12, 2018. She was a member of  Camarillo Chapter 1957. She was a College of Regents and Star Recorder.

Sami Marshall, passed away on 31 March 2018 in Pahrump NV. She was a 67year member of the WOTM, Life Member, a Red Stole Collegiate and Star Recorder. Member of chapter 1141.

Ina Sperling, Camarillo Chapter 1957 passed away March 12, 2018. She was college of regents and star recorder.

Anna Frash, Oxnard Chapter 1464 passed away February 7, 2018. She was college of regents and star recorder.


Names of College and Star Recorders who passed away will be posted as received.
Need Name, Chapter and Date of Departure. Send information to



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