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Hi Everyone.
This will be sent out today to all F/U Leadership.  My Christmas/New Year greetings to all.  Bob

Please pass along our BEST WISHES for A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to to the members of your Fraternal Unit.

The CNMA Major Project Committee. 

Information to share with membership of your Fraternal Unit.  Our next Major Fundraising Project will  be part of the The Moosehaven Centennial Project.  The Project Goals are to:  1. Improve the quality of life for Traditional Residence.  2. Add a substantive, dynamic housing option to the Moosehaven complex.  3. Provide Moose retirees an upgraded, enhanced, superior quality living opportunity.  4. Reduce  operating expenses.  The Project Scope is:  1. Will be located immediately east and across the street from the Donald R. Eisel Ohio Assisted Living Hall.  2. Will be three stories with two wings.  3 will have 105 residential Apartments.  4. Will have in-house kitchen and dining.  5. Will have up-to-date 21st century technologies.  6. Will have enhanced In-house amenities.  7. Will covered tricycle parking area.  8. Will have modern, durable, all-weather construction.

Our Committee upon completion of the process that will prove us and you with the Association Share, Individual Units minimum donation expectation, length of time to meet expected total donation, and after adding the Awards part, will forward Mission Statement and other appropriate information to all Fraternal Units.  We anticipate this to happen early next year.  Mean while we encourage you to continue raising funds and sending them to Moose Charities with CNMA-MHN Centennial Project in the check notation area to assure donation is deposited in the proper fund and you receive credit.

Fraternally, you’re A to Z Major Projects Committee:  Mike Aldrich, Bob Bakman, Chairman, Chuck Barber, Charlie Bright, Leonard Chapman, Andy Higgins, Bob Inderbieten, Gary McGrath, Russ Nelson, Bill Thompson, Wayne Parker, and Joe Zenkus       


CLICK: Project Information


To fulfill our responsibilities to complete a commitment made in March 2016 to Moose Charities by the California/Nevada Moose Association, Inc. To raise and donate a minimum of $150,000.00 to be used to construct a new 3 story, 105 single and double unit apartment building on the Campus of our Senior home, Moosehaven. This fundraising effort is our part of an overall 10 million dollar new building project.


  • Within 3 years raise the funds necessary to complete the minimum Commitment.
  • Bring a sense of awareness and urgency to every Association Fraternal Unit of their responsibility to meet their obligation of a minimum donation of $335.00 per year.
  • Invite all other Fraternal Units located within the Nevada/California borders to join with and assist the Association to meet or exceed the goal by also donating $335.00 per year.
  • Invite and encourage Individual Members to participate by making a $335.00 per year.
  • Encourage participants to donate more than the minimum commitment and reach the next higher commitment level

  • By encouraging fundraising activities by all FRU’s, Activity Groups and Committees within the Fraternity Family.
  • By providing fundraising ideas and other forms of support upon request.
  • By using all means available to us to communicate information about the importance of this Project to all Fraternal Units
  • Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals.
  • By establishing and providing information about the existence of an Awards program, its levels and availability to all FRU’s, Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals within or outside of the California/Nevada Association Boundaries
  • By communicating directly, through others or both with CMNA FRU’s not meeting minimum donation expectations.
  • By providing periodic reports indicating the achievement level of all Fraternal Units, Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals; as well as where we stand relative to achieving our Goal.



Your California/Nevada Moose Association Special Projects Committee has developed a Recognition Awards Program available to all Fraternal Units, in or outside of the California/Nevada Association boundaries, to provide recognition to those Fraternal Units, Special Activity Groups, Committees and Individuals, at various stages of donation achievements. It consists of a multiple step program based on monetary donation achievements and is based on the minimum total donation expectation for the three year program of $1005.00. The steps and minimum donation ranges for achievement are as follows:

Step 1. Will be a Certificate of Achievement and will be awarded when your donation level reaches the total of $335.00.

Step 2. Will be a Certificate of Achievement and will be awarded when your donation level reaches the total of $670.00.

Step 3. Will be a Certificate of Achievement and will be awarded when your donation level reaches the total of $1005.00.

Step 4. Will be a Certificate of Achievement and will be awarded when your donation level reaches either $2010.00 or whatever your total donation is at the announced official date the program ends.


Step 5. Will be an appropriately engraved Plaque and will be awarded when your donation level reaches $3015.00

Step 6. Will be and appropriately engraved Plaque and will be awarded when your donation level reaches either $4020.00 or whatever your total donation is at the announced official date the program ends.

Step 7. This step and any additional steps beyond will be the same as Step 6, except a rise in donation level of $1005.00 per step. ADDITIONALLY, there will be an appropriately engraved Special “ASSOCIATION TOP DONOR” Award for the highest total donation received.

Good Luck to everyone, in your quest to be #1.

Fraternally, your A to Z CNMA Special Projects Committee: Mike Aldrich, Bob Bakman Chairman, Chuck Barber, Charlie Bright, Leonard Chapman, Andy Higgins Bob Inderbieten, Gary McGrath, Russ Nelson, Bill Thompson and Joe Zenkus



Moosehaven LogoHi everyone. ISN’T IT GREAT TO BE A MOOSE!!! Your CMNA Special Projects Committee is back and ready to introduce you to Moose Charities new major project and the California/Nevada Moose Association’s plan to raise and donate our minimum share of the cost. So here we go with the Who, What, When, Where and How.

WHO? The Who be You. As the leaders of the Lodges, Districts and Council of Higher Degrees that make our Association Fraternal Units (FRU’s), we count on you to motivate your membership to plan, organize and execute fundraising activities to reach or exceed the Goal. And do not forget the Who includes all committees as well as Individual members, at all levels of the Association. We have also invited our partners at the International level, WOTM Chapters and Moose Legion Jurisdictions, for their support.

WHAT? The Project consists of building a new, state of the art, three story, 105 single and double apartment living facility at an estimated cost of 10 million dollars. For additional information, conception drawings, and details, see pages 8 & 9 of the February-March Edition of the Moose Magazine.

WHEN? The time is now. The Project received it final approval in January at the International level.

WHERE? It will be constructed on our City of Contentment grounds at Moosehaven.

WHY? Facts and Statistics indicate a large growth in our retired population in the coming years. In order to prepare and provide for our Moose Senior population retirement needs we must start now so when they need our help we will be there and ready to provide for them.

HOW? This is where the WHO which is YOU, both collectively and as Individuals comes in. It is up to US, the can do Association, to take our share and Gid’er Done.

At the Midyear Conference the Association Board committed to a minimum donation to the Project of $150,000 over the next three years. There are currently 149 Chartered FRU’s in the California/Nevada

Association. This means that the Minimum donation expectation from each Unit per year is $335.00 per year. Sounds like a lot, however it isonly $27.92 a month and $0.92 a day. There are some FRU’s that throw that amount or more money away in recyclable materials, every day! Have someone do a 50/50 fundraising drawing for the Project once a month at a Unit gathering and send half or $27.92 to Moose Charities for the Project. However it takes participation by ever FRU to make it happen. So DO YOUR SHARE or more. So now you have completed your fundraiser, turned the money in and received a receipt. At this point we recommend that a check be cut by immediately and Mailed to Moose Charities, the money belongs to them, not the FRU. It also help keep the funds from becoming comingled with the FRU’s and inadvertently not being available.

Checks are to be made out to Moose Charities ONLY and be sent to 155 S. International Drive, Mooseheart, IL.; 60539-1000. In order to receive proper credit for the donation the following needs to be written in the Memo section of the check, CNMA-MHN Cent. Proj.; which is the mnemonic abbreviation of California/Nevada Moose Association-Moosehaven Centennial Project.

In closing we will share with you two quotes that were used recently on of a fundraising mailing from Moose Charities:


Remember the ten most important two letter words in the English language:

                          “IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME!”

We wish to Thank all those who have participated in our past Programs and encourage those that have not to do so. Remember if you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us Contact information can be found on the CNMA website at www.ca-nvmoose.org.

Fraternally, you’re A to Z CNMA Major Projects Committee: Mike Aldrich, Bob Bakman Chairman, Chuck Barber, Charlie Bright, Leonard Chapman, Andy Higgins, Bob Inderbieten, Gary McGrath, Russ Nelson, Bill Thompson and Joe Zenkus

~ There is strength in unity - a burden heavy to one is borne lightly by many ~

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Globe-HandsThe Special Projects Committee has always worked hard to complete projects that have been taken on by the California/Nevada Moose Association in the best interest of the Children and Seniors at Mooseheart and Moosehaven.
The many projects over the past years have done well within their hard working hands.

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Hi Everyone.  Attached is the final spreadsheet and closure letter on the now Consumer Science Classroom Project that will be sent to all Fraternal Unit leaders this evening with a request that they share it with their membership and publish it all or in part if the produce a newsletter.  Additional information on PE Office and WSS Project will be out sometime next week.  I am trying to get a handle on those of you that are on multiple group mailing list.  So if you are let me know any you wish to be dropped from I will take care of it. 
Thanks for all you do.  Bob  
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