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After the 1913 founding of Mooseheart, the Moose organization's famed "Child City" for children in need, the fraternity turned its attention to plans for a home for its dependent retired members. Before Moosehaven was established, a number of elderly persons resided at Mooseheart, for a short period, but this was deemed an unsatisfactory solution.

MoosehavenSHOREThe Moose originally bought a resort hotel on 26-acres at Orange Park; and, on November 1, 1922, Moosehaven was formally opened. The first 22 residents were those who had been living at Mooseheart. They set up housekeeping in the hotel which had been renamed Aid Hall. From the beginning, much of the work necessary to keep Moosehaven running has been done by those who live there. And still today, as they are able, residents serve as their own gardeners, housekeepers, kitchen helpers, mail carriers, dining room helpers, and maintenance crew.

With land purchases, Moosehaven essentially grew to its moosehaven050acurrent acreage by the 1960s. Since World War II, all of the original buildings have been replaced; during the 1990s most residential facilities were again thoroughly renovated or rebuilt - notably by the Ohio and Florida/Bermuda Moose Associations and the Women of the Moose. The physical plant today consists entirely of modern buildings

designed and built to provide pleasant and comfortable accommodations, recreation, and care. Each of the buildings in which Moosehaven people reside is a self-contained home with its own sleeping and living rooms, kitchen, and dining room. The $16 million Life Care Center, completed in 2002, and designed and equipped for the needs of senior care, provides space for 170 beds and has its own therapy department, x-ray, MoosehavenLIFECAREBridgelaboratory, and pharmacy. It also boasts six dayrooms, a chapel, library, beauty salon and barbershop, and arts and crafts room. It is a four-building, interconnected, 130,000-sq.ft. complex offering state-of-the-art assisted-living care at various levels.

Celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2002, Moosehaven, the "City of Contentment," makes every effort possible to provide security, comfort, and peace of mind to qualified Moose men and women of retirement age.

Moosehaven has provided thousands of Moose members and their spouses with a secure, relaxed, and enjoyable retirement experience. Moosehaven residents enjoy their beautiful moosehaven170acommunity without the burdens of home maintenance. Health care is comprehensive, and transportation is readily available -- as are plenty of social interaction and activities. In fact, residents often find themselves so involved at Moosehaven, an oft-heard comment is, "We wish we'd moved here sooner!"

Residents enjoy a wide variety of available facilities -- including an indoor swimming pool, bowling lanes, exercise equipment and game rooms. They also enjoy arts and crafts, ceramics, sewing, painting and computers. Fishing from the 450-foot concrete pier is an enjoyable pastime -- often creating exciting competition! Dances, special dinners, shopping, and sightseeing trips are regularly scheduled events. Each Sunday, both Protestant and Catholic services are held in a beautiful interdenominational chapel.    
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California/Nevada Resident’s


Joyce Leonhardt (Sohol)
Birthday: 6-6-32
Escondido 1310
Arrived: 10-12-2000

Brewer, Gerald

Gerald A Brewer
Birthday: 9-23-35
Bakersfield 2178
Arrived: 10-26-10

Lila_Williams_06 copy

Lila Williams
Birthday: 4-7-29
San Diego 508
Arrived: 5-5-2003


James Thomas
Birthday: 9-29-32
Grass Valley 2217


Doris Philippsen
Kern Valley 498
Arrived: 1-8-2000

Peterson, Gloria 2010

Gloria Jane Peterson
Birthday: 5-26-38
San Fernando Chapter 1191
Arrived: 12-2-09

Hekkel, Ruby

Ruby Hekkel
Birthday: 1-8-23
Fresno Chapter 535
Arrived: 2-16-12

Moody, Gene

Claton “Gene” Moody
San Fernando Valley 1522
Arrived: 7-16-12

Moody, Sue

Karen “Sue” Moody
San Fernando Chapter 1191
Arrived: 7-16-12

Campbell, Ethan

Ethan “Toby” Campbell
Glendale Lodge 641
Arrived: 9-28-12

Dunkle, Buddy 09

Buddy Dunkle
Birthday: 8-9-42
Vacaville 1967
Arrived: 7-20-09

Boisse, Elida “Eli”

Elida “Eli” Boisse
Newark Chapter 998
Arrived: 11-4-13

Brandon Place Res 2 2011Brandon Place Res 2011Brandon_Place_at_Moosehaven
The Ever Changing Face Of Moosehaven Now Offers More For Members!

Brandon Place at Moosehaven has become a reality. Now members will have additional choices for their retirement years. Check out the next step at Moosehaven.   CLICK to view information

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Moosehaven now offers Moose members two choices for admission:  The Traditional Retirement Plan and the Fee-For-Service Plan, referred to as Brandon Place at Moosehaven.  The choices are designed to help meet the various financial needs of Moose members.  Under both plans, applicants must be at least 65 years of age.   For those who wish to enter into the Traditional Retirement Program, members should have at least 15 years of membership and be in good standing.  For Brandon Place applicants, a minimum of six months of membership is required. 

Residents under the Traditional Retirement Plan will have their Social Security, Pensions, and any other real or tangible property deposited into their own Retirement Account, managed by Moosehaven.  Admission is not based on how much, or how little a resident has to fund their account.  In the meantime, Moosehaven provides all of their housing needs, clothing, toiletries, campus activities and events, entertainment, transportation, and all levels of medical care.

Brandon Place residents move into independent homes, that are well-appointed with all appliances, blinds, fans, tile and carpet.  Homes come with a security system and are maintenance free to the resident.   Residents must financially qualify to live at Brandon Place, demonstrating they have enough in their financial investments to support them through out their expected lifetime.  Brandon Place residents will continue to manage their own investments.  As their health care needs increase, they will transition to the Moosehaven LifeCare Center.  In the meantime, they enjoy all of the services, amenities, and entertainment that the Moosehaven campus provides.

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