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Moose Legion Update
Mark Klein
International Moose Legion President
Tel: (805) 376-6224

those Moose Legionnaires in official regalia (blazers, etc.)  to assist in the actual presentation as well as everybody else (men and women) to witness this event. Please don’t forget to send a copy of you deceased member list (sampled above) to your International Moose Legion Ambassador and to me as just as soon as possible. These lists must be coordinated well in advance to our arrival in Reno.

Another reminder about MLEC. There are still a few open programs still being offered. Please make advanced reservations to insure that all Moose Legionnaires that want or need this training have an opportunity to receive it. We may not have any other opportunities for an MLEC until the end June in Tampa, Florida at the International Convention. Please notify International Moose Legion Ambassador and MLEC Trainer Gordon Dockstader as soon as possible for this necessary part of our Moose Legion program.

Thanks for all that you do,


Attached is the most current Moose Legion membership information available for our 19 jurisdictions in our California / Nevada Moose Association. To recap the 10 months thus far of this fiscal year:

 1. We have attained 105.7% of our membership quota as a  group and still moving forward.
 2. We have 9 of 19 Moose Legion jurisdictions greater than100% of their individual membership quota.
 3. We have 4 Moose Legion Director’s Key Club jurisdictions with others very close to attainment.

We’ll be highlighting these and other achievements at our Moose Legion All-State during the Mid-Year Conference in Reno later this month. Between now and then, I will have our most recent and cumulative donations to Moose Charities to brag about as well.

Don’t forget to promote the very impressive Moose Legion Memorial Service that we’ll be performing in Reno. We will need assistance from

Moose Legion Membership (Excel)     Moose Legion Deceased Sample Listing - Jurisdiction (pdf)

Membership Retention
Message From Mark,  International Moose Legion  President


Below is your first response to my most recent request for assistance in curbing membership retention. It’s not quite what I expected, but I’m pleased to see that you are taking this problem to heart. Make membership retention a top priority. It will benefit us all in the long run.

“I have been the ML Secretary since before LCL and I never met the majority of our members. They pay dues but never participate in an activity.  I really believe our biggest problem is getting members to participate, but I don't have the answer. I do know that participation will close the back door.  It seems to me that members that are " bought" will leave every time when the buyer is gone or dies (as probably my kids will do ).” 

My immediate answer is to continue providing activities for your membership. Provided more hype and greater promotion to insure attendance. Request feedback from those while in attendance as to their likes and dislikes to realize the type of programs that are necessary to maintain or achieve the greatest amount of attendance possible. Follow up with a written questionnaire thereby soliciting more information from .

the attendees as well as possibly from those that didn’t attend

There’s no quick fix. However, as stated in the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams, “if you build it, they will come”. I truly believe that if we provide the best possible programs and meal functions, our membership will be appreciative. I truly believe that if we provide that which we promised, our members will be supportive. I truly believe that if we reinforce the values of the Loyal Order of Moose program and support the 2-letter, 10-word statement “if it is to be it is up to me”, our membership will flourish and we’ll certainly lessen our arrearages.

I still want your input. I want to hear from you as to what you are doing to combat the problem of our members “going out the back door”. Please know that if we do nothing, that’s exactly what we’ll have. Let me know of your successes in membership retention so that we can share this with others in order to strengthen and maintain our defending circle. Please make membership retention a top priority?!

Thanks for all that you do,   Mark

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Moose Legion Info

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Moose Legion Ambassador & Secretary Directory 2-16-2017 (pdf)
Moose Legion Ambassador & Secretary Directory 2-16-2017 (Excel)

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Legion Moose Charities Donations Spreadsheet
Message From Mark, International Moose Legion  President


Attached above is the spreadsheet showing membership production posted at Moose International through yesterday, the 27th of September.

Congratulation to Channel Islands #175 and Central California #176 for attaining their first membership quota of this fiscal year. Double kudos go out to Central California for being our first Moose Legion jurisdiction in California and Nevada to earn the coveted Director’s Key Club Award.

We have a long way to go in membership production for this year. What will help us all in this area is being proactive in membership retention. I’m not just talking about reenrollments; that’s actually membership production the way I see it. I’m talking about our members that have recently slipped from active status or those that are soon to have the need of dues renewal. We have the list of these members available to us. Let’s go out and convince these Moose Legionnaires and Moose Lodge Brothers to stay on the active rolls of our Fraternity. This will give our membership production of new and reenrolled members greater weight as opposed to continually trying to break even.

 I promise you that membership retention is the key to our membership success.

As to fraternal donations that also appear on the attached spreadsheet, represented are the dollars as report to Moose International through the 30th of August. All donations submitted to Moose Charities since that date will be reflected on the next spreadsheet.

I thank you all for being a part of the team that makes things happen. It’s our responsibility as Moose Legionnaires to support all programs of our Fraternity and to have fun. Let’s accomplish both because the kids at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven are depending on us.

Thanks for all that you do,


CLICK HERE For Moose Charities Donation Spreadsheet    

Moose Legion Contact Information
From Mark, International Moose Legion  President

Attached below is the most current Moose Legion Secretary listing along with the assignments of the International Moose Legion Ambassadors for our 19 Moose Legion jurisdictions within California / Nevada Moose Association. Please check it out because there are a few subtle changes on this sheet. As we welcome aboard Johnny Robinson and Joe Rigazio as International Moose Legion Ambassadors along with returning Ambassadors Jim Waggoner and Charlie Ellis,
I’d be remiss in not mentioning the many years of excellent service provided by Marcell Podany and Gordon Dockstader.

 Both Marcell (4 years) and Gordon (5 years) were untiring in their assistance to our various Moose Legion jurisdictions and their respective Moose Lodges that were within their assigned areas and beyond. I am personally gratified at having had both of these fraternalist on our team who have continually assisted not only you, but me as well. Thanks for all that you do,

CLICK: Moose Legion Secretary & Ambassador Directory (Excel)   

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