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Volden, Cheryl 2016


Cheryl D. Volden
California/Nevada Training Coordinator
Oxnard Chapter #1464
Cel: (805) 338-1305   (805) 486-5113

Welcome to the LCL NET portion of the California/Nevada Moose Association website.  This area of the website is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Lodge, Chapter, Legion ( software, the QuickBooks (QBs) software and its use to all Moose fraternal units.  There are also miscellaneous procedures that users should find helpful in the daily operations of their fraternal units.  The page also includes links to Moose International procedures that are vital to the success of all fraternal units. 

Updates and additional items will be provided based on changes to the software or based on input received from users.  Each procedure has a date in the lower right hand corner of the procedure so that users can ensure that they have the most up-to-date procedure available for use in the daily operations of their fraternal unit.  We have also annotated and color coded the dates on the procedures on the webpage so that users can readily identify the items that have been ADDED or UPDATED or those that are a direct LINK to the

 Moose International website.  In the What’s New/Latest Updates section of the website any changes will be provided by date with a link to the update within the site.

Moose Technical Trainers are listed on this page to assist you in locating a trainer within a reasonable distant of your fraternal unit.  They are there to assist you with individual one-on-one training on either or QBs so please feel free to contact them for assistance.  You should also feel free to contact me if you are having any issues or concerns.  

Our goal is to provide as much help as possible for, QBs, and other computer related topics so if you think of anything you would like to see added or updated please feel free to contact me using the information provided above.

We hope you find this section of the website useful!

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The following topics have been developed to assist you in the What, Where & How of
LCL NET, QuickBooks and Other Computer Related Topics
























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Moose International Offers - Virtual Classroom

Virtual ComputerThe Moose International Education and Training Department has developed several tutorials to assist fraternal units with procedures.  Click the following link  to view the demos and tools available.
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California Tax Forms

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CLICK HERE: Moose International TAX Forms
CLICK: 990N Quick Start Guide
CLICK: 990N E-Postcard Website




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Welcome To Moose Training In The 21st Century


Bringing Technology To You!

Sherman, Toni 12-13 DGR 5x7
Toni Sherman
Sonora Chapter #1728
Tel: (209) 532-7973
Cel: (209) 484-1513
MI E-mail:

Denise Angeles 2015
Denise Angeles
Camarillo Chapter #1957
Cel: (805) 312-4727

Raslavsky, Cindy

Cindy Raslavsky
Red Rock Chapter #862
Tel: (702) 622-9580

MI E-mail:

Jacque Humphrey
Rancho Cordova Chapter #1941
Tel: (916) 363-2283
Cel: (916) 995-0904
MI E-mail:

Debbie Berry
El Monte Chapter #1321
Tel: (626) 455-0970
Cel: (626)252-3407
MI E-mail:

Mary Hagens
Fairfield Chapter #1379
Tel: (707) 425-7215
Cel: (707) 330-4392
MI E-mail:

2008 02-02 WOTM Cap Deborah 33
Deborah Story
Torrance Chapter #44
Cel: (310) 704-7669

MI E-mail:

Walter Hurlburt1
Walt Hurlburt
Red Bluff #2002
Tel: (530) 528-1649



Message From The Coordinator


Volden__Cheryl__LCL-Coordinator  3Training at Moose International has advanced into the new age with the introduction of 2 HOTT on-line training, a Lodge Administration Assessment Test, Moose Units Audits course and Trustee Duties course.  These on-line training courses can be found at

The 2 HOTT on-line training can be taken by Loyal Order of Moose (LOOM) members who wish to take the training on-line versus in the classroom.  The member must pass the assessment test in order to receive credit for completion of the training.  For the Women of the Moose (WOTM) the training may be taken by an existing Star Recorder who wishes to submit her name for the office of Recorder.  As provided in the General Laws of the WOTM one of the requirements is completion of a 2 HOTT session every 2 years.  Taking the on-line training and assessment allows them to complete this requirement without attending a classroom training session.   For a coworker who is working toward attaining the Star Recorder degree she must attend a classroom session in order to receive credit for earning the Star Recorder degree.  Anyone is welcome to take the 2 HOTT on-line training with or without the assessment if they just want to stay up-to-date on what is happening with training!
The requirement for Administrators to attend an Administrator School every 3 years has been enhanced with the introduction of a Lodge Administration Assessment Test.  Anyone who previously attended a classroom Administrator School can obtain re-certification by completing and passing the assessment test.  This will eliminate the need to attend an instructor led Administrator School every 3 years. 

Leadership training has also been introduced on-line along with an assessment that must be passed in order to receive credit for Leadership training.  The Lodge Operations and House Committee Modules must both be completed along with a Lodge Leadership Assessment Test in order to receive credit for the training.  For those who prefer instructor led training, sessions will continue to be scheduled within our Association.  Remember that is it a requirement that every officer complete Leadership Training every 3 years.  Territory Managers are required to review this requirement to ensure it is complied with. . 

The possibility exists that a LOOM Board member could be removed from office for not completing this required training

Moose Unit Audits has also been introduced as on-line training.  There is also an End-of-Module Quiz that can be taken to test your knowledge of this on-line course.   Additionally for the LOOM there is also a Trustee Duties module to assist trustees in better understanding the duties and responsibilities of their position on the Board of Officers. 

Have you been keeping your bartenders up to date on their Training for Intervention ProcedureS (TIPS) training?  Not keeping them current can be a costly mistake for a lodge. This training can also be taken on-line using the following link:  Don’t forget to use your Moose discount code MOOSEHEART2014.

It’s 990 tax time for our fraternal units.  Please file your 990 (990EZ, 990N) by the required due date of September 15th.  Not filing can be very costly as interest and penalties accrue daily.  Go to the CNMA website, click LCL net, scroll down the right side of the page and click the Tax Forms item to access the Moose International section on Tax Forms.  There is also a wonderful tutorial in the Virtual Classroom that walks you through the completion of the 990 form.  Not sure what to do Call a Moose Technical Trainer for assistance.  Remember failure to file the 990 for 3 years can result in a unit losing its tax exempt status.  We have many units that this has happened to.

All units of the order in California are also required to file the CA199N or CA199 using either an entity ID number (WOTM & Councils of Higher Degrees) or a Corporation ID (LOOM & Moose Legions). 

As the Training Coordinator for the CNMA you may contact me directly at any time for assistance.  I can be reached at or 805-338-1305.  I look forward to providing you with assistance in achieving your fraternal unit goals which secure the future of Mooseheart and Moosehaven.

  Cheryl D Volden
CNMA Training Coordinator         

Administrators, Recorders, Moose Legion Secretaries

Fraternal Unit Officer Entry

All Fraternal Units are required to enter the Fraternal Unit Officers and Chairmen using the Moose International website.  The Officer Maintenance function resides in the Moose Membership Management System (MMMS) Admin Menu which is accessed using the selection “Membership Information; Address Changes, Sponsor records, etc.

Step by step procedures can be found in the “Admin Menu” procedure located on this page. 

The Fraternal Unit Passcode for your fraternal unit will be needed to access the Admin Menu. If you do not have a Passcode, contact the Call Center at 888-906-3658 for assistance. 

Contact CNMA Training Coordinator Cheryl Volden, if you would like to schedule a 2 day Workshop on LCL and Quickbooks. She will assist you in working out the details for date, location and qualified trainer.

Cheryl Volden
Telephone: (805) 486-5113 or (805) 338-1305

Click the following for workbooks:
Below are the links to the workbooks on the Moose International website: Education & Training
LCL.Net Training Workbook
PDF QuickBooks Training Workbook PDF 
QuickBooks Training Job Aid PDF


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