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Wysocki, Frankie 2015

Frankie Wysocki
CNMA Council Coordinator
Phone: 661-747-4345



Message From Council Coordinator

Council of Higher Degree Members

The new year is hear!!!!  I'm so excited for what we can do with Retention. That is our main goal . We need to get it under control. WE CAN DO IT.
We are a great fraternal organization and  we have so much to offer our members. Remember they are our back bone.

Congratulations to all our new officers let me know if there is anything I can do to  help

All councils are expected to get all reports to me as soon as possible. I would also like schedules of all meetings so I can try and attend. There will be a work shop done again in March hopefully to help you understand the books better  look for it in the convention program. We will also have another table so you can stop by and ask what the council of higher degree can do for you

Hope to seen you all in person

Remember to invite all Loyal Order of Moose.chapters and moose legion Chairpersons to attend your meetings.

We are all here for the same thing to support our children at Moose heart and our seniors at Moose haven.

Just remember our job is to help with retenion.

Frankie Wysocki

Message To All Council of Higher Degree Members

I would like to remind all councils the audit will begin in march at convention.Please bring your minutes also you will be turning it in on Thursday March 17,2016 In the Multi purpose room.If you are not planning on coming to convention, please find someone in your council to do it.

Remember to send me your report on all newly elected officers. If you don't have this form it is on California Nevada web site .

We have been asked to do a table at convention showing all the things the council does please try and bring things from your council It's a great opportunity for us 

Also congratulations to all  the new officers elect and the ones going out. You are all doing a wonderful job and I look forward to meeting you. Lets all get back to basics and help Lodges,Chapters and Legions with Retention after all that is what The council of Higher Degree is all about

Frankie Wysocki




Council Higher Degrees Color
Official Logo

The official logo of the Council of Higher Degrees is the standing Moose overlaid on six (6) interlocking rings representing the degrees of the Order. The color of the rings denote the degrees: Pilgrim is gold; Fellowship is French blue, Moose Legion is purple, College of Regents is black, Academy of Friendship is blue and the Star Recorder is green.

Composition Of Higher Degrees

The Council of Higher Degrees consists of:
Members of the Pilgrim Degree of Merit, the Fellowship Degree of Honor, the Moose Legion Degree of Service, the College of Regents, the Academy of Friendship and the Star Recorders.


Council is a separate and autonomous unit of the Order. The purpose of the Council of Higher Degrees is:
  • To be actively involved in the retention of Lodge, Chapter and Moose Legion members.
  • To promote and support the programs of Moose Charities.
  • To honor all newly elevated members of the higher degrees.
  • To honor the memories of deceased members of the Council of Higher Degrees.
  • To promote the programs of the Loyal Order of Moose and Women of the Moose.
  • To encourage fraternal and social unity, benevolence and charity among all members of the Order.



Information for the use of Councils of the Higher Degrees. To open some files you may need Adobe Reader. Download the latest Adobe Reader (FREE) by clicking on the Get Adobe Reader at left of this page.

Council Info

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2012 CNMA Council Higher Degrees Information Spreadsheet
Stockdale Lodge Hosting Special Recognition Dinner For Council Of Higher Degrees Coordinator


Please Share Information With All Higher Degree Members


The main purpose of the Councils of Higher Degrees is to help our lodges, chapters and legions retain our membership.

Take a look at what Surf & Sand Council is doing. Talk about a membership retention program that works . . . I would be jumping on the bandwagon to start a program like this for my own lodge.

Time to take the bull by the horns and become a winner! Involve your Council of higher Degrees.   
                                                                                      Click Here For Information On Surf & Sand Retention Program

If you want to keep your members

R is for: Realizing that members need to be Reminded of their worth.
E is for The extra effort make members feel welcome.
T is for: Thinking about and listening to members concerns and ideas.
E is for: The Elemental Enjoyment and understand of the moose family.
N is for: The nucellus part of the moose in each lodge to grow solid ( in this case the officers need to reach out to all of their co-workers.
T is for: Tapping the talent in each lodge, to make the Moose Home more welcoming.
I is for:  Including each member  in each function and meeting.
O is for: Overcoming Obstacles so you may work and plat together.
N is for: Nuking the needless negativity floating around the lodge home.

I know you all love the moose as I do so lets start working together and get  our members back

Remember: Volunteers do not Necessarily have the time They have the heart

Frankie wysocki

Central Valley Council of Higher Degrees Message

The Board of Officers meet at 11am, followed by lunch at noon and General Meeting starts at 1pm —open to all higher degree members
  • February 6, 2016 – Stockdale Moose Lodge
  • April 10, 2016 – Tehachapi Moose Lodge
  • June 12, 2016 – Fresno Moose Lodge
  • August 14, 2016 – Visalia Chapter, at the Odds Fellows Hall
  • October 9, 2016 – Taft Moose Lodge
  • December 11, 2016 – Stockdale Moose Lodge

Also, please post the attached Higher Degree newsletter.
hank you so much,
Janie Budy, President
Central Valley Council of Higher Degrees


Councils of Higher Degrees do have to carry Fidelity Bond coverage (also known as employee theft coverage).  You may purchase this coverage from any source that you wish provided that the Insurance Company has a Best's rating of A or better.  Most Fraternal Units purchase this coverage through Lockton Risk Services.  You may contact them at 1-866-836-3373.

If you have any questions, please contact me.
Best regards,
Cynthia D. Traynor
Senior Staff Attorney
Moose International, Inc.
(630) 859-6619

One in Purpose and One in Commitment

It has come to my attention that a few of our higher degree members may be incapacitated in some manner (in a rest home, etc.). This is the perfect time to make a personal contact with the member or the family to offer aid or comfort. AND, some unit should pay the man's Lodge and Moose Legion or woman's Chapter dues to keep them in good standing and on the active rolls of their degree. This is brother helping a brother and co-worker helping a co-worker at its highest level. Remember we are the Moose and -- We are One in Spirit, One in Purpose and One in Commitment.

Thanks again for all your efforts and for being a piece of the solution!
Jim Fleminbg
Moose International


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