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Official Administrators Manuel

Every Lodge Administrator should have a copy and it is recommended that he should print a copy of the attachment. There is a total of 107 pages, but if you run the pages back to back you will save paper. The following link will open the Office Manuel in Adobe.pdf format. This is a very large file and may take several minutes to open depending on your internet connection. You should also have Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher to open. Update Adobe Reader by clicking link at left of this page. Its a Free update 
Click: Official Administrators Manuel Updated PDF

Our Committeemen are just a phone call away!

When you are in need of help, we are just a phone call away. Check on the California Nevada Website, area of responsibilities to find the closest Advisor to your area. The Association Website is usually updated on a regular basis. Check the Action Dates Page for reminders of reports and forms that are coming due. Also check out the Scoop section to get some of the latest information on the LCL.Net program

Lodge Newsletter Mailing:

Non-profit bulk mailing has certain requirements concerning what can be printed and what advertising is authorized and how much advertising per newsletter can be listed, as per postal regulations. The attachment from Postal Regulations will explain what you can do and what you cannot do. Save your lodge some money and headaches, please read the attachment. 
Postal Regulations PDF


We are pleased to announce that Special Events Insurance Coverage is available for our Fraternal Units in The United States through AON effective August 1, 2008. (Coverage for Canadian Fraternal Units should be available in the near future.)
A dedicated website has been created for the Special Event insurance required of Fraternal Units renting their premises to third-parties (including members) or hosting fund-raisers and other events where alcohol will be sold or served. 
Click: Special Events Insurance Coverage Information 
Special Events Insurance - Instructions on how to remit payment   Click: Moose International Web For All Information

Hall Rental Insurance Click (MI Link)

Officer’s & Committeemen’s Handbook

This guide is a valuable tool for all Lodge Officers and Committee Chairmen. It is recommended that all Officers and Chairmen make a copy of this guide and read through it thoroughly. The job of a Lodge Officer should not be taken lightly, your dedication and commitment to your lodge will determine the success your Lodge will have in the coming year. Understand your duties and goals and you will be successful and your Lodge will be on their way to receiving the Lodge Merit Award.
Click: Orientation Handbook Updated PDF


Attached is a guideline for the Lodge Audit Committee and a sample cover sheet for lodges to modify for their lodge, this is something that was needed for a long time. I know there are Audit Chairman out there that do not know what they are looking for, this will help them quite a bit. Please pass this information on to our lodges.
Click: Lodge Audit Report PDF      Audit Committee Guidelines For Fraternal Units PDF
Test information on LCL.Net program.

Insurance For Lodges, Chapters, Service Centers, Legions & Associations
Referance Manual
CLICK: Risk Pool Booklet  (May 2011)

Click: Fill-In Report

General Membership Meeting Minutes

The Lodge Meetings are required to be opened and closed according to Ritual Ceremony in LOOM Handbook. All minutes to be recorded, signed and saved in the proper manner.
Click: General Membership Meeting Minutes PDF

Following the proper procedures and adhering to the
Fraternal General Laws will propel your lodge to success.

Community Service Reporting Process

There has been a change in the process for reporting community service to Moose International. As you are probably aware, report forms printed on colored paper have always been mailed to lodges and chapters on a quarterly basis. In an effort to reduce some of our costs, we will no longer be printing and mailing the quarterly reporting forms for community service. The form is available online through the "Members Only" portion of the website through the Community Service portal.
Click the following link for the required form that needs to be sent to Moose International on time to be considered for Premier Lodge Awards.           Moose International Fill-In Form Link - Click: Community Service Form

In submitting this report, there are several options. If you are uncomfortable with attempting to fill out and transmit the report electronically, you may simply print and complete the form properly and mail it to the Department of Fraternal Programs or fax it to (630)966-2208. Any items faxed or postmarked after the deadline dates will be considered late and will not be graded for quarterly or year-end awards.

If you would like to submit the report electronically, here are the steps to follow:
  • Go to the "Members Only" portion of the Moose International website
  • Click on the appropriate link on the right-hand side of the "Members Only" homepage; Community Service
  • Click on the link for the report form
  • Fill in the appropriate information
  • Click on the icon marked "Save a Copy"
  • Select a location and file name for the document (ex.-1st Qtr Comm Svc 2008-09) and click "Save"
  • Send an email to appropriate mailbox (as seen below) with the report form as an attachment
  • Community Service - E-mail to:

Again, any items e-mailed after the deadline dates will be considered late and will not be graded.
    2010-2011 Reporting Deadlines for Community Service
    1st Quarter - August 15, 2010           3rd Quarter - February 15, 2011
    2nd Quarter - November 15, 2010    4th Quarter - May 15, 2011

CLICK: 2010-2011 General Laws PDF    
CLICK: Moose International Link

(Moose International Link)


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