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California/Nevada Moose Association
Moose Charities Committee
Bill Thompson, Chairman

Andy Higgins, Bob Bakman, Bob Inderbieten, Charles Barber, Charley Bright, Chip Wilbur, Gary McGrath, Jeanette Machicek, John Hughes, Larry Salem, Leonard Chapman, Russ Nelson, Mark Dickey, Mike Aldrich, Ted Machicek, Wayne Parker, Joe Zenkus, and myself, Bill Thompson

It is with great excitement and pleasure that we can announce we have 888 members in the League of Guardians for the 16-17 Fiscal Year. This is absolutely outstanding – that is 89 more Guardians than this past fiscal year.

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2017 CA/NV Cradle contest results between the Chapters and Lodges

WOTM $1,567

LOOM $4,264.25

Moose Charities Mid year 2018
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Today starts the annual Rocker fundraiser in honor of our Seniors at Moosehaven and I hope you are geared up to make this a banner year.  

It only takes a moment to ask your awesome members if they would like to participate. It really is that simple and most of our members enjoy the little recognition of putting their name on the rocker to be prominently displayed for the month.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Message From CNMA Moose Charities Chairman


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