Beginning in January, 2017, the Moose started offering first-year memberships at no cost to some core community heroes – first responders and active military members – on a limited trial. Because of the success of that initial offering, and the continued focus on community, Moose International has extended that program through the end of April, and has added two categories – National Guard members and border patrol officers – to the list of included responders. These individuals bring three things to the Moose that are desperately needed, a shared commitment to serving others; a youthful, energetic viewpoint that can reinvigorate our fraternal units; and the potential to step into leadership positions within our lodges, chapters and Moose Legions.

Keys to note: – The promotional program has been extended to April 30, 2018Valued-Veterans

– All original categories in the Active Military/First Responders Program are still eligible

– National Guard members and border patrol officers may be added AFTER May 1, 2017

– Make sure you are conducting orientation programs and inviting all new members to participate in lodge/chapter activities

– Don’t stop inviting qualified candidates in other fields to join the Moose. Even though fees and dues apply to these groups, adding members will make your lodge/chapter stronger

Take the time over the next several months to identify individuals and organizations which step up in your community and invite them to join. The Moose cannot have enough members who recognize the benefits of giving to others and supporting causes purely because it’s the right thing to do.



Valued Vet

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